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  • How to use EA free charging

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    06/25/2023 at 16:01

    Good afternoon all, for all the new people getting their vehicles with the free EA charging it is all done thru the Vinfast app.

    So when you arrive at the EA station go to your Vinfast app ensure it is connected to your vehicle. To make sure log on app go to top left click on that then at the bottom will show your vehicle with VIN.

    This will ensure you are actually connected to car. Then go to navigation, and click on charging button in navigation map on the app. Once you hit that the EA station will come up as the first on on list. Click start charge. Then you will be prompted to select the EA station number you are at once you click on the correct station number click initiate charge. You now have 2 minutes to plug car to charge and it will soon after start actually charging.



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