Community Guidelines

VinFast’s community platform is built to promote connectivity and increase interaction between members in an environment where members treat each other with respect. VinFast community platform is a community of VinFast car owners and VinFast brand lovers, a place to share experiences of efficient car operation, civilized driving, and connect members with similar interests. Members interact with each other and with VinFast through the community platform to update information, contribute content/ideas, and participate in online/offline events organized by VinFast.

VinFast Community requires you

  • When posting discussions on the community platform, you expect to receive from other members non-off-topic answers, constructive advice, and clear content.
  • When posting a new discussion topic, state the issue in detail.
  • Do not deliberately steer the topic of discussion in a different direction. In case it is necessary to develop the discussion in a different direction, open a new topic for discussion.
  • Do not post the same content in many places.
  • When you want to learn about a topic, search for similar discussions first before creating a new post.
  • To be able to find good articles faster, you should not create many new articles with the same content at the same time, or post many articles with similar content in different categories.
  • Give opinions and comments on other members’ posts on a respectful and constructive basis.

VinFast Community encourages you

  • Press the “Like” button when you find the content useful.
  • Respect other members, show politeness, seriousness, and civility in exchanges and discussions on the Forum.
  • Share car photos, trips, and good memories with your VinFast car.
  • Share effective car operation experiences with other members, help and guide new members to build a stronger VinFast community.
  • When detecting cases of violation of the rules or behaviors that do not match the criteria of the community platform, click Report to notify the moderation team.
  • To protect your personal information.


If you have any questions or concerns about the Site, our Services, or this Agreement, please contact us at [email protected] or at VinFast Auto, LLC, 12777 W. Jefferson Boulevard, Suite A-101, Los Angeles, CA 90066.