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  • My experience so far/tips from current VF8 owners

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    06/13/2024 at 13:40

    Hello! I had just recieved my 2023 VF8 Plus about 2 weeks ago, I was super excited as this was my first electric vehicle. Unfortunately, that moment of excitement was interrupted by many service errors popping up at once as well as some other issues. Here are some examples:

    – Limp Mode (Cannot use ADAS.)

    – Cooling Failure (AC is very buggy and doesn’t work most of the time, as well as the seat ventilation/heating. Remote climate control also never seems to work)

    – Wireless Charger Failure.

    – Apple Carplay continously disconnecting.

    – Drive aids and other settings have to be reset after each drive.

    – The worst one in my opinion: Battery does not want to hold a charge/takes forever to charge. When it comes to charging my car with DC Fast charging, it takes about 2 hours to charge it from 15% to 80% which is not what was stated on their website. I saw a Chevy Bolt charge quicker than mine did! I was only getting about 24kw in one hour. I only really drive to work and back which is about 12 minutes away, and I seem to always find myself having to charge my car every week. I also tried testing the mileage by using the trip meter. I saw that every mile i was getting, i was losing 3-4 miles on my battery! It always feels like i have to charge my car. I only put about 600 miles on the car and I’ve had to charge it 6 times already in 2 weeks!

    Last week, when i finished charging my car for the 2nd time, my 12 volt battery died on me and i could’t use my car. I had to wait about an hour for a mechanic at the charging station, who endud up fixing it by disconnecting and reconnecting the 12 volt battery, which triggered the Theft Alert system. My HUD was off for a day then came back on randomly.

    I really have high hopes for this car, i loved driving it before all these issues came. It breaks my heart that not even a couple of day after leasing this car (I did the $249, no down special,) that my experience was becoming poor. I reached out to Vinfast support over the phone who said that a Service Center rep was going to call me soon, it took about 2 days since it was a Sunday. The rep told me that it had to be towed to their service center, which is about 1 1/2 hours away, and that they had no more spare cars left. Keep in mind, they estimated a week for my car to get fixed, it might take longer, or be quicker. I was using my VF8 to drive to work so that made my situation very unfortunate. They did say that I had a daily budget of $70 to get a rental that would be reimbursed to me, but it’s hard to get another electric car as a rental because im under 25 and the car rental businesses always charge a lot more to young drivers. I really wish it was more, sure i can get a cheaper rental, but i was looking to match the premium feel of my VF8 plus so it didn’t feel like i was being downgraded by a lot.

    I know VinFast is a fairly new brand to the US and Tesla had a lot of issues when starting up as well, but my question to all the VinFast owners on here is, did these issues get fixed when you had your car serviced, if so, which ones got fixed and which ones didn’t? Is it normal for these batteries to not be accurate to their estimated miles/charging speed or times?




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  • Usman Mirza

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    06/22/2024 at 09:32

    I think your battery issue is critical one, and based on few other posts, those have been well taken care of by service center. I agree that vinfast should offer loaner. I had to take mine three times already within few months and had to arrange my own pickup/drop.

    Regarding AC issue and other settings getting reset, I don’t think they have a good solution yet.

  • Marco Beltran

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    06/25/2024 at 15:54

    What software version do you have and what is the LV value of your 12v battery.

    Here is a video that walks you through the steps to determine the LV value of your 12v battery:

  • Maninder Waraich

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    07/06/2024 at 17:47

    I have most of the above mentioned issues and was told would be resolved with next software update for which I have to wiat until end of August even though service advisor told me that he would get it done on prirority basis. Many people like free pick up and drop off and loving it, Even lexus started offering the same. Atleast with other car companies, your issues get addressed quickly within days but thats not the case with VF. You donot know when features will stop working.

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