What does the name VinFast stands for?

While VinFast may sound just like any ordinary EV company, there is so much more to the name than it sounds. The name VinFast represents the best of Vietnam and what it is going to be able to bring to the worldwide stage in an ever-changing global market and technology.

So what does VinFast stands for?

The VinFast name is an abbreviation of Vietnamese words:

Vin: Việt Nam (Vietnam)

As the company expands globally, Vin in VinFast traces the company’s roots back home in Vietnam. Also announcing itself to the world stage that Vietnam will be a significant player while also committing to global EV technology advancements from now on. 

F: Phong Cách (Style)

In Vietnamese, the letter F is pronounced as Ph. For VinFast, an EV has to drive well. But it also has to look the part of a modern design language that combines the best of Vietnam and energizes onlookers with confidence in motion. Partnering with the legendary Pininfarina design house, VinFast aims to instill the stylishness of Vietnam into the world. 

A: An Toàn (Safety)

Safety is one of VinFast highest priorities, delivering a product that you will always feel comfortable taking on the road day in and day out. Under any conditions and on any driving surfaces. 

S: Sáng Tạo (Creativeness)

With Vietnam venturing into the world, VinFast wants to bring the creativeness that makes their cars unique compared to other competing companies. From the creativity to the design language to the interior design that is clean, sleek, and modern. VinFast is trying to become its own in an ever-saturated EV market with creativity. 

T: Tiên Phong (Pioneer)

Becoming the first mass-produced car manufacturer to venture globally is what VinFast is pioneering. Not only pioneering the Vietnam auto industry, but VinFast is also looking to pioneer the EV world on the global stage right now and in the future.