Surprisingly, not only VF7 but this November, VinFast US also welcomed a new member from the VinFast family – VF3. This is a new electric car rookie that was just launched in July in Vietnam and now in the US. And with this surprise appearance, the list of winning members in the Minigame “Guess what’s coming to US this month” has grown longer.

VF3 is VinFast’s smallest electric car model. The design of VF 3 is square, stylish, and has an “aggressive” SUV style, different from VinFast’s product range, which has a soft design. The grille is decorated with a stylized V-wing logo. VF3 is extremely suitable for dynamic and personality young generation.

VinFast US officially announced winner list of “Minigame – Guess What’s coming to US this month”: 

Natalie Ly

Hung Pham

Li Li Huynh

Tony Nguyen

Hung Tran

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It’s surprising, isn’t it, there is not just one guest but two special guests coming to America this November. Congratulations to the members who won the Minigame. Don’t regret if you don’t win this Minigame because VinFast US has many events in the future.