Learn about the safety system on VinFast VF 8 

VinFast VF 8 converges the breakthrough elements of an electric car from the future with an impressive design, powerful engine and outstanding intelligent features. In particular, the safety system on VinFast VF 8 car integrates superior technology, intelligent driving support, promising to bring customers interesting experiences on all roads. 

 In complex traffic conditions, equipped with modern safety features will assist the driver in handling situations in time, avoiding collisions when moving. The safety system on VinFast VF 8 is applied automation technology with a series of outstanding operating support features to bring maximum safety. 

 The smart and superior safety system on VinFast VF 8 helps the driver feel secure on every journey 

 VinFast VF 8 meets international safety standards

VinFast VF 8 meets safety standards from the most rigorous quality inspection programs such as: 

  • ASEAN NCAP 5*: New automotive safety feature assessment program for countries in Southeast Asia 
  • EURO NCAP 5*: European car safety assessment program 
  • NHTSA 5*: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s road traffic safety assessment program. 

With VinFast VF 8 car standards, safety is still one of the factors that VinFast puts on top in order to bring peace of mind and comfortable experiences to customers. The D-class electric SUV is equipped with advanced safety technologies aimed at achieving the highest safety standards from leading regional and international evaluation programs.

Safety system on VinFast VF 8

VinFast VF 8 is safer when equipped with dTPMS direct tire pressure monitoring system. This system gives warnings to the driver when the tires show signs of abnormality, avoids tire explosion, improves traction when cornering or braking sharply. 

In particular, the VF 8 is equipped with 11 airbags, much more than some models in the same segment on the market, helping to minimize the impact on the seating positions when a collision occurs, including: 

  • 1 front-row center airbag helps protect occupants in the driver’s and passenger seats in frontal collisions; 
  • 2 curtain airbags to protect the head of the occupants before a side collision; 
  • 2 front airbags protect the head and chest for occupants in the driver and passenger seats; 
  • 2 rear-seat side airbags help protect the chest-width of passengers in the rear seat after a side collision; 
  • 2 front-seat leg airbags protect the knee joints of occupants in the driver’s and passenger seats in the event of a frontal collision; 
  • 2 airbags on the side of the front seats protect the chest level for occupants in the driver and passenger seats before side collisions. 

In addition, VinFast VF 8 uses an advanced Lithium ion battery, which has good heat resistance and minimizes fire and explosion. At the same time, the VF 8 electric car battery also meets the IP67 waterproof standard, giving it the ability to withstand being submerged for 30 minutes at a water level of up to 1m. 

In addition, the VF 8 electric vehicle charger and VinFast charging station system all meet European standards such as ISO-15118 and IEC 61851, ensuring fire safety when charging batteries, including fast charging mode. 

With the outstanding advantage of the safety equipment system on VinFast VF 8, this model promises to be a smart and modern electric car, worthy of being a reliable companion for every home.

Driving assistance features on VinFast VF 8

Always putting operational safety first and enhancing the experience for users, VinFast has equipped Smart driving support features such as moving assistance, collision avoidance warning, parking assist ,… 

Group of driving support features on VinFast VF 8 

The driver assistance feature is an electronic system that uses sensors, surveillance cameras, information processing, etc. to assist the driver to focus and pay attention to safety while driving, minimizing the risk of accidents. unwanted effort. The driver assistance feature on VinFast VF 8 has been upgraded and added self-driving features and the ability to handle traffic situations quickly and accurately, including: 

  • Lane keeping assist: automatically emits a warning when it detects that the vehicle hits the line or is about to leave the running lane without a left/right turn signal or accelerates overtaking another vehicle. This feature supports the ability to steer and brake automatically to help the car stay in the right lane, ensuring safe operation. 
  • Support moving in traffic jams: help the driver easily align the direction of vehicle movement, avoid collisions at a close distance during traffic jams. 
  • Driver assistance on the highway: distraction warning helps the driver reduce pressure and calmly handle situations on the highway. 
  • Lane control: issue a warning when the vehicle shows signs of lane departure. 
  • Adaptive cruise monitoring: supports speed adjustment, maintaining a safe travel distance. 
  • Driver monitoring: monitor and control the operation of the vehicle. 
  • Surrounding monitoring: panoramic recording around the car, vision support to help the driver control with peace of mind. 
  • Pre-emergency automatic braking: operates based on sensors and CCTV to detect hazards and decelerate safely. 
  • Recognize traffic signs: recognize traffic signs and signals, thereby giving warnings to remind drivers to comply with regulations. 
  • Intelligent speed adjustment: update the maximum allowable speed and the current speed of the vehicle, helping the driver to adjust accordingly, in case of overspeed operation. 

Group of collision avoidance warning features 

Collision avoidance warning is a modern safety feature designed to help users easily identify and prevent unexpected incidents, minimizing collisions. In VF 8, this group of features includes: 

  • Pre-collision warning: The system will send a warning signal to the driver through indicator lights, sounds or notifications on the display screen when the distance between the VF 8 electric car and surrounding vehicles and objects around is not safe. 
  • Rear cross-traffic alert: When the 360-degree camera does not work due to darkness or heavy rain, the rear cross-traffic alert system will work to avoid the risk of a collision. 
  • Blind spot warning: The ultrasonic sensors will send a warning signal that there is a moving vehicle in a position out of sight to the driver. 
  • Door open warning: Warning of obstacles and traffic around the car door. 
  • Lane Departure Warning: Alerts you by sound or a message on the display screen when it detects that the vehicle is moving out of the lane so that the driver can adjust to the correct lane safely. 

Group of parking assistance features 

Parking assist system is a tool to assist the driver in parking with high accuracy. This system is operated by GPS and camera devices around the vehicle with advanced and outstanding technology. In addition to bringing the parking person into the open space, it also enhances the experience, helping the driver of the vehicle to confidently control the journey. This group of features of the VF 8 is highly appreciated by users. 

  • Front and rear parking assist: using a variety of warning methods, directing the driver and moving the vehicle to a safe parking spot, limiting unfortunate collisions. 

Light and camera system 

The system of lights and cameras greatly improves the visibility of the vehicle without worrying about affecting the vehicles in front. Safety features from the lights and cameras of the VF 8 also bring peace of mind and a comfortable experience for customers. 

  • Automatic headlight control: depending on each specific case, the VF 8 has the ability to automatically adjust the headlights / cos by receiving and processing data from the sensor and camera. 
  • Rear camera: is an effective “assistant” that allows to observe the whole scene of traffic behind the vehicle. 

Not only impressing users with modern technological highlights, but the safety system on VinFast VF 8 cars also stands out when it meets strict standards in the world, minimizing injury to car occupants. 

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