Experience ADAS and Smart Service features on the VF 8 

With the mission of “user-centered” – VinFast has integrated VF 8 advanced and modern technological features. In particular, the ADAS and Smart Service features on the VF 8 have outstanding advantages, promising to bring an exciting driving experience to users. 

In order to keep up with the 4.0 technology trend, to meet the needs of customers, VinFast VF 8 is researched and developed with superior performance and outstanding intelligent features. In particular, the combination of ADAS and Smart Service features on the VF 8 brings maximum convenience and safety to users on every journey.

ADAS feature on VF 8 – Advanced Driver Assistance System

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) is an advanced driver assistance system that allows the driver to drive without needing to manipulate and drive continuously while ensuring safety on all roads. The ADAS feature on the VF 8 operates based on the system of cameras and sensors equipped on the vehicle. This is one of VinFast’s driver-assist features to help drivers reduce fatigue and stress while preventing the risk of collisions, traffic accidents and injuries, especially when traveling on long distances. 

According to research by the Insurance Association for Highway Safety, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) can reduce rear-end car crashes by nearly 30%. In addition, this feature allows the driver to control the risk on every journey. 

Advanced driver assistance ADAS is capable of detecting potential hazards and providing timely warnings. Accordingly, the ADAS system on this VF 8 includes 20 features, specifically as follows: 

  • Traffic assist in traffic jams: Sensors and cameras help the driver keep a safe distance from other vehicles, lane departure warning to minimize possible collisions. 
  • Highway driving assistance: Operates on the highway, automatically moves according to the speed and route pre-set on the control system. 
  • Lane Departure Warning: A system that helps the vehicle stay in the correct lane. 
  • Lane Keeping Assist: Provides automatic steering and braking to keep the vehicle in the right lane. 
  • Controlling the middle of the lane: Assists the vehicle to focus on moving in the middle of the lane, helping the driver not to perform the steering task. 
  • Adaptive cruise monitoring: Especially useful on the highway, where drivers have trouble keeping track of their speed and other vehicles for long periods of time. Adaptive cruise monitoring relies on signals from sensors installed on the vehicle to automatically increase or decrease the speed and sometimes stop the vehicle. 
  • Intelligent speed adjustment: This feature uses radar sensors to detect the distance between vehicles and automatically adjust the speed to keep a certain distance. 
  • Recognizing traffic signs: Scan and recognize traffic signs on the road, send notifications to the driver to have appropriate vehicle control behavior. 
  • Forward collision warning: Use sensors to detect speed and distance from the vehicle in front. If it detects an abnormal sign (the vehicle in front suddenly stops or the distance between the two cars is too close), the system will send a visual and audible warning when it detects a potential collision to let the driver know. timely handling. 
  • Rear cross-traffic alert: Equipped with an ultrasonic sensor, supporting obstacle monitoring, vehicles are approaching from behind or from the side, especially blind spots. 
  • Blind spot warning: Using the camera, reversing sensor, detects people and vehicles moving from behind entering the blind spot and sends warnings to help the driver pay attention to observe and handle the appropriate situation. 
  • Door opening warning: Helps detect people, vehicles and obstacles approaching from either side or behind, limiting collisions when opening the car door. 
  • Automatic Emergency Braking: Actively brake in an emergency if the system’s algorithms think a collision is likely. 
  • Emergency Lane Keeping Assist: Helps to adjust the vehicle’s direction when it is drifting out of its lane in an emergency situation. 
  • Front parking assist: An ultrasonic sensor cluster placed in front is capable of recognizing and supporting warnings if there are obstacles, helping the driver to park safely in the range ahead. 
  • Rear parking assist: The ultrasonic sensor cluster located behind is capable of recognizing and supporting warnings if there are obstacles, assisting the vehicle to move and park into the rear range safely. 
  • Rear camera system: A special camera attached to the back of the car to provide visibility and traffic behind the vehicle, and is an “effective assistant” for the driver when reversing or parking the vehicle. 
  • Surround monitoring: Assists with visibility, providing safety by being able to monitor 360-degree panoramic views around the car. 
  • Automatic headlight control: Automatically turn on/off the headlights and control the headlights/cos appropriately depending on specific conditions, helping the driver ensure the best visibility and convenient travel. 
  • Driving monitoring system: This feature will monitor the driver to detect fatigue and drowsiness when operating the vehicle for a certain period of time. The system will actively issue a warning and ask the driver to take a break to ensure safety when traveling.

Smart Service on the VF 8

Among the top smart features on the VF 8, Smart Service is also highly appreciated by experts and users for its convenience and modernity. 

Features of the VF 8 Smart Service include: 

  • Virtual assistant 
  • Smart car control 
  • Set up, track and remember rider profiles 
  • Navigate, lead the way 
  • Office and home facilities 
  • Safe security 
  • Remote software update 
  • Car services 

Specifically, Smart Service on VF 8 is a system of intelligent services that simultaneously integrates artificial intelligence (AI) technology, cloud effects (lOT), big data,… to support management, help customers have a convenient experience with many smart utilities. 

Up to now, Smart Services are constantly being upgraded and developed on modern cars. With 6 smart features built into the car, VinFast VF 8 promises to become a “mobile home” with an ideal space to connect family members and a companion – a virtual assistant. Trusted by entrepreneurs on every journey. 

2.1. Virtual assistant feature 

Smart Service features on the VF 8, bring customers great convenience experiences. In particular, the car virtual assistant is a product developed based on advanced technology platforms such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data analysis, voice biometrics, etc. With a user-friendly interface With improved speed, instant language recognition and processing, this technology supports the driver with hands-free tasks. 

2.2. Smart car control 

In addition, the Smart Services service system on VF 8 is also integrated with the remote control feature via the VinFast application. Users can download the application on Apple Carplay or Android Auto and connect VF 8. This application allows the driver to control the smart car, including: 

  • Look up journey history 
  • Car lock 
  • Set and check routine maintenance schedule 
  • Find and navigate to the charging station… 

2.3. Allow shopping on the VF 8 

In particular, users can shop for products and services right in the car, saving time and travel costs such as: 

  • Ordered food 
  • Online Shopping 
  • Schedule regular medical check-ups 
  • Schedule car maintenance 
  • Ticket booking,…. 

2.4. Huge video game store 

After hours of stressful driving, users can comfortably experience video games on VF 8. With a rich and constantly updated game store, users will have moments of relaxation after a long journey. or while waiting to charge the car at a public charging station.  

2.5. Notification Personalization 

In addition, the notification personalization feature helps users update information, remind them of new events, offers and promotions, ensuring their interests. 

2.6. Office facilities 

For business people, office utilities allow working right in the car by receiving and sending voice messages at the central screen. The technology on this VF 8 car helps users optimize working time while on the go. 

With a series of outstanding utilities, the ADAS and Smart Service features on the VF 8 contribute to enhancing the user experience. Along with the ability to operate, luxurious design, VF 8 is a great choice for customers who love green cars. 

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