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  • What is your longest trip on your VF8?

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    08/02/2023 at 00:28

    During Memorial weekend, we drove from SoCal to Scottsdale, AZ. I did share some of these details during the E-Vin Meet & Greet in Citadel a few weeks ago.

    Here are the 2 videos I posted on my channel.

    Part 1: CA to AZ


    Part 2: AZ back to CA



    Things I learned:

    -only charge to 80% to maximize travel time/ charging time

    -plan route via PlugShare and VinFast app for a better view of where to stop

    Thank you




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  • Alex Nguyen

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    08/07/2023 at 12:45

    My longest trip was from San Jose to Fountain Valley. It took me 8hrs to drive & charge. It’s easy to charge with Electrify America. Planning ahead is important, and you should plan carefully during the extreme weather like too hot or too cold and be careful of the elevation. It will kill the battery shortly.

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