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  • Plan for Vouchers expiring this year?

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    08/20/2023 at 19:07

    Hello Vinfast Moderator,

    Is there a plan to extend the validity of the Vouchers that was given to first members which are set to expire 12/31/23? I believe lot of members are not able to see the vehicle in person or place the order as currently VF8 only available in California. What is the Vinfast team considering for the voucher holders?




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  • Sanjeev Gupta

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    08/24/2023 at 16:02

    Yes whats the plan?

  • Daniel Brown

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    08/25/2023 at 06:41

    I’ve been wondering this as well.

  • VF Staff 02

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    08/28/2023 at 22:00

    Thank you contacting VinFast!

    For VinFirst voucher, which is valid until 31/12/2023: VinFast will keep monitoring market conditions and delivery plan and revisit this topic in the Q4 of 2023 to consider the extension date into 2024. We will keep our customers inform once we receive any official announcement.

    Vinpearl voucher: valid for 2 years from activation date. Voucher is activated on the delivery of the vehicle.

    Should you require any further assistance, please let us know by calling directly at (833) 503-0600 (24/7). Thank you and have a great day ahead!

    • Natalie Tung

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      08/29/2023 at 16:20

      More time to plan our trip. Thank you

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