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  • Living The VinLife…No Not Vin-Diesel

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    12/10/2022 at 22:18

    Sounds like a great spokesperson for VinFast right…wrong. What VinLife means is, how can driving a VinFast vehicle become more pleasurable and productive? Have you ever heard the Freddie Mercury song – Time Waits For No One? There has never been a truer statement in today’s hyper-speed society. Time is the new luxury. A study done in 2016 by the American Automobile Association says that the average American driver spends more than 17,600 minutes, or 293 hours, behind the wheel each year. For those who live in high-density areas, I am sure that the number is much, much higher. Your mobile phone has made you more productive, but what it hasn’t done is give you more time to spend on the things in life that really matter. VinFast, through its in-car mobile office and shopping, has been designed to maximize your time and turn unproductive time into productive time. With VinFast’s Smart Services tech suite, you can send and respond to emails seamlessly as you commute to and from different locations. Need to shop for weekly groceries or a birthday present for a loved one? No problem! By using your in-car Alexa, you can make it all happen with natural voice commands as you sit in idle traffic. This has all been designed to maximize your minutes, thereby giving you back the luxury of time. VinLife is optimized to capitalize on your commute and turn your drive into action, for a driving experience that is more connected. Leverage VinFast’s Smart Services, and turn your vehicle into your personal smart living hub. Oh, and did we mention that every VinFast comes with its own virtual assistant at your fingertips? This brings convenience on the go, allowing you to manage your time, so you can focus your time on things that really matter. Living the VinLife, its just a matter of…time!



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