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  • Have you known about VinFast’s 1-year free charging offer?

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    09/16/2023 at 03:23

    Am I the only one who only know about VinFast’s 1-year free charging offer for US today? I just looked at the information and there are some very good news:

    The list of charging stations includes popular names such as Electrify America, EVGo,…

    I have already received a free charging package, now I took this package, it was added to my previous package.

    Maximum charged 3460kWh/year

    But this program only offers free charging, other fees such as idle fees,… are not

    But everyone needs to pay attention to the start time for your car. I get the car before September 5, 2023, my application start time is from September 5, 2023. Anyone who takes it after that date will start counting from the day the car was delivered.

    There are a few more things, you can read them on the website https://vinfastauto.us/public-charging-promotion-offer




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