Mr.Hoang – The first VinFast VF 8 owner conquers 10,000 Miles in America

During VinFast’s 1-year journey in the US, it would not have been as successful as it is today without the enthusiastic support of members of the VinFast US community. And Vin-Pioneer is a series of gratitude and honoring outstanding members who have always accompanied VinFast over the past year. Today, VinFast wants to share the first story about Mr. Hoang –  The first VinFast VF 8 owner conquers 10,000 Miles in America.

Mr.Hoang – often known as the owner of the Youtube channel – Anh Ao Rach, a passionate advocate for VinFast, has played a pivotal role in fostering a vibrant and supportive community for the Vietnamese automaker in the United States. With his unwavering dedication and expertise, Mr.Hoang has actively engaged with VinFast customers, enthusiasts, and community members, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared enthusiasm for the brand.

Mr.Hoang & VinFast: From a reunion in America to close friendship…

Mr.Hoang’s involvement with VinFast extends back to the early days of the automaker’s US expansion. He quickly recognized the potential of VinFast to disrupt the American automotive landscape with its innovative technology, commitment to quality, and stylish designs. He is one of the first customers to own a VinFast VF 8 and also the first customer using VF 8 in the US to reach the 10,000-miles milestone. He shared that this is not only a challenge for himself but also for VinFast as a pioneer customer of the brand.

Inspired by VinFast vision and VF 8 after quite a long time of experiences, Mr.Hoang embarked on a mission to spread the word about VinFast and connect with like-minded individuals who shared his excitement for the brand. From there, Mr.Hoang became best friends with VinFast Community.

Mr.Hoang and Inspirational journey about Vietnamese EV in America

Walking around the VinFast community forum in the US, you will be surprised by his extensive knowledge not only about VinFast cars but also about the electric vehicle market and technology in general. His dedication to the VinFast community is the motivation in providing guidance and troubleshooting for other VinFast owners, offering expert advice on everything from vehicle maintenance to technical issues. His helpful advice has helped him become a trusted resource in the VinFast community.

One thing that cannot be denied is his contributions as a pioneer in building a strong VinFast US community. His efforts to build a strong VinFast US community have taken various forms. He has spearheaded the creation of online platforms such as Youtube and joined some social media groups of VinFast users to provide other members truthful experiences, verified knowledge, and meaningful discussions. 

He has also joined many local events and meetups, bringing together VinFast owners and enthusiasts to connect in person and celebrate their shared passion for the brand. One of them is the intimate livestream of the VinFast US community on the occasion of the VinFast Listing on Nasdaq event, or the  Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix event with the participation of VinFast.


Mr.Hoang’s contributions to the VinFast US community have been invaluable. His tireless efforts to connect with other members, share knowledge, and support the community have played a significant role in shaping the positive and enthusiastic reception that VinFast has received in the United States. As VinFast continues to grow and expand its presence in the US market, the unwavering support of pioneering community members like Mr. Hoang will remain essential to foster a united and engaged community. 

  1. Congrats on being recognized 😉
    You’ve shared a wealth of EV knowledge with us all, and we’ve all been benefited from it.
    You’ve inspired me to take my VF8s outside of California twice, and they were fun trips/experiences.