What ‘SURPRISES’ will VinFast bring to CES 2024?

VinFast is predicted to be the hottest name at CES 2024 with the VF 3 electric car model introduced to the global public for the first time and the concept car that makes the world wait.

Ideal electric car models

The news that VinFast officially attended the famous exhibition CES 2024 caused a stir in the user community. The reason is because CES is always a “playground” that leaves a strong impression on the Vietnamese car company. At CES 2022, there was a blockbuster announcement of the company’s pure electric strategy and a product range of 5 electric cars, while at CES 2023 there were flesh-and-blood electric car products for users to experience along with a series of electric bicycle concepts.

CES 2024 therefore received a lot of anticipation from not only car lovers but also mass customers, especially when VinFast said it would launch a “concept car” for the first time. On major forums and groups, thousands of comments immediately erupted with the focus being on this unrevealed car model.

Although the initial images revealed of VinFast were unclear, with its tall physique and aggressive front end, many users predicted that this could be an electric pickup model.

Many forum members even did all kinds of “tricks” with VinFast’s revealed photo, such as increasing the light and adjusting the color, to see more clearly the electric car that is causing curiosity.

“So Nervous. VinFast’s design tends to be sporty and strong, so if it is an electric pickup truck, it is definitely too suitable,” user Nam Tran shared on a large forum of electric vehicle lovers. Many user comments and interactions also show curiosity, even impatiently waiting for the launch date.

Not only does it intrigue Vietnamese customers, VinFast’s upcoming electric car model also stimulates the imagination of users around the world. Previously, Kleber Silva – a Brazilian designer born in 1991, posted drawings from personal ideas for the VinFast electric pickup truck.

This user’s self-designed car model is inspired by the VF 9 with familiar LED lights, 5-spoke wheels, and a square trunk. These images were later spread in many Vietnamese user forums and received many interesting comments.

The attraction of VF 3 and DrgnFly

In addition to the feverish concept car, VinFast’s exhibition area is predicted to be the hottest at CES 2024 because of the appearance of the VF 3 minicar model. Automotive News previously revealed information that sellers Retailers in the US are especially interested in the VF 3 before this electric car model is launched at CES 2024.

Carscoops newspaper even commented that VF 3 with an affordable price could be the key for VinFast to have breakthrough success in the US market, after making a splash with VF 8.

Previously, VinFast’s mini electric car model was introduced to Vietnamese users in the exhibition series “VinFast – For a green future” taking place from July 2023. With an outstanding design and a reasonable price, the VF 3 model has been “scored” excellently by many users.

Besides the two feverish names above, CES 2024 is also where VinFast launches the DrgnFly electric bicycle model. In particular, visitors to CES 2024 will have the opportunity to test drive a bicycle model that was launched as a concept at CES 2023. The period of only 1 year from the concept car to the launched product makes many people admire its ability. research and develop outstanding products of VinFast.

In addition, VinFast’s display booth at CES 2024 also has a large eSUV model VF 9 integrated with a new online entertainment service. Here, users will directly experience unique new technology features right on this car model right at the exhibition.

With a series of special blockbusters, right now, many users are waiting for VinFast’s explosive appearance at this most famous exhibition in the world.

VinFast’s press event at CES will take place at 10:15 am (US time), January 9, 2024 at Booth 6417, Las Vegas Exhibition Center. The booth will also be open to the public and test drives will be held from January 9 – 12, 2024.