What does VinFast have after more than 1 year of switching to electric cars?

In July 2022, VinFast announced to stop selling gasoline cars and completely convert to producing and trading electric vehicles. This announcement was made 5 months earlier than the previous plan. In just less than 2 years, VinFast has introduced 6 completely new pure electric car models to customers, which is something few car manufacturing brands can do.

The product range is extensive

VinFast started to expand into electric vehicles with the VF e34 series, this C-size SUV model was officially introduced in October 2021. At that time, this was a rare pure electric car model opened for sale on the market and was also the first electric car model produced in Vietnam. Unlike the electric car models introduced later by VinFast, VF e34 is an electric car model exclusively for the Vietnamese market.

After VF e34, VinFast brings customers the D-class SUV VF 8. This is also the first global electric car model for sale in USA, Canada, France, Germany,… Not long after delivering the VF 8 at the end of last year, the top model VF 9 was also introduced and will be delivered to pioneer customers very soon.

VF 8 and Christmas vibes

In December 2022, VinFast officially opened sales of VF 5 Plus in Vietnam. Up to now, this is the smallest SUV model in VinFast’s product range. VF 5 Plus is considered a bright choice for transportation service customers thanks to its accessible price and significantly lower operating costs than gasoline cars.

Hopefully VF 5 will be available in the US in the future

VF 9 with luxury design

VF 3 First look

VinFast VF 6 launches in the second half of 2023 with a compact sporty SUV design that brings a new breeze to VinFast’s product range. VF 7 is the latest model introduced in VinFast’s pure electric vehicle product range, an SUV with the same C size as the VF e34 but completely different. VF 7 also was revealed globally first time in Time Square, USA.

VF 7 is the final piece to complete VinFast’s SUV product range from size A to E, if including the mini electric car model VF 3, which has received a lot of attention even though it has not yet been officially launched. In addition to expanding its product range, VinFast also expanded its charging station system nationwide and even in neighboring countries, which helps the Vietnamese car company have an advantage over other brands selling electric cars in the country.

Focus on the SUV segment

In Vietnam and around the world, people increasingly prefer high-clearance cars. According to data from VAMA, the first half of 2023 recorded 42,307 SUV/Crossover vehicles sold on the market, accounting for 46% of the total market share. In the future, VinFast will also try its hand at the mini electric car segment with the VF 3 model, of course the car still has an SUV design. VF 3’s design is quite compact, suitable for customer groups living in large cities.

Choosing the SUV segment for development not only helps VinFast reach customers more easily, but at the same time also faces competition from many competitors.

2024 will continue to be the year when many electric car models are launched from European and Chinese automakers. And certainly VinFast will constantly improve and develop to bring customers the most wonderful electric vehicle products and services.