Vingroup, VinFast, and Vinhomes received 5 gold medal awards at the 2023 FinanceAsia Awards. The gold medal is the highest award level, created to acknowledge the comprehensive contributions of leading companies in the Asia-Pacific region.

FinanceAsia Awards, held annually, is one of the most respected regional financial awards. The nomination committee consists of leading financial experts in Asia-Pacific. Each award category includes three prizes: Gold, Silver and Bronze, which are based on survey results from customers and major financial institutions.

In 2023, Vingroup, VinFast, and Vinhomes were respectively honored at the highest positions of 5 categories includingBest Managed Company in Vietnam, Best Investor Relations in Vietnam, Best ESG in Vietnam, Best DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) in Vietnam, and Best Real Estate Company in Vietnam.


In the category of Best Managed Company in Vietnam, Vingroup won the Gold medal for its achievements in Business Strategy, Competitive Capabilities, Innovation, Corporate Governance, and Transparency Reporting. Despite its multi-industry and multi-field business activities, Vingroup is one of the few Vietnamese corporations able to report under Vietnam Accounting Standards (VAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The Group’s Transparency and Professionalism helped it gain the trust of investors and analysts and win the highest award in this category.

Vingroup was also honored with the Gold medal in the category of Best Investor Relations in Vietnam for providing timely, accurate, and fair information to shareholders and investors, and actively contributing to industry, investor and ESG conferences and forums.

VinFast won a “double” Gold medal in the two categories of Best ESG in Vietnam, and Best DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) in Vietnam. VinFast received the most votes from FinanceAsia’s surveys for launching a wide array of quality automotive products, and applying the most advanced technologies. By offering smart service platforms, excellent customer experiences, and outstanding aftersales services, VinFast differentiated itself from its peers and created a loyal customer network. VinFast’s focus on developing a quality and unified workforce by offering attractive career opportunities, developing a friendly work environment for international and Vietnamese staff alike were also recognized by the nomination committee.

In the Real Estate industry, FinanceAsia Awards honored Vinhomes with the Gold medal in the Best Real Estate Company in Vietnam category for its efforts to design and develop world-class green integrated projects and contributing to changing the face of Vietnam.

Vinhomes projects are balanced between premium living spaces, comprehensive office, commercial hospitality and entertainment offerings and sustainable development. Its unique comprehensive ecosystem is a deciding factor to secure Vinhomes’ top award in the Best Real Estate in Vietnam category voted by domestic and international organizations.

Each of Vingroup, VinFast, and Vinhomes’ awards is evidence of the progress, professionalism and management capability at Vingroup and its subsidiary companies as well as a solid reputation amongst international investors and analysts.