VinFast VF Wild, VF 3 design team: Established 3 years in Australia, gathering many talents

VinFast VF Wild and VF 3 mark the official partnership between the Vietnamese car company and Australian experts who have worked for many large companies.

Previous VinFast models were often designed by Italian designers such as VF e34, VF 8 and VF 9 with cooperation from Pininfarina, or VF 6 and VF 7 from Torino Design, while VF 5 is a combination of both. The appearance of Gomotiv, a design company from Australia, in the creation of VF Wild and VF 3 created no small surprise.

Who is Gomotiv?

Gomotiv may not be as familiar a name as VinFast’s previous design partners, but the company also contributed to the design of VF 5, VF 6 and the initial concept of VF 7, according to the electric vehicle site. of Australia EV Central.

Established in January 2021, Gomotiv brings together designers from major brands such as General Motors-Holden, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, McLaren. CEO Robert Thorpe and design director Justin Thompson both have long experience in the industry and are knowledgeable about creating brand recognition through car design.

CEO Robert Thorpe and design director Justin Thompson are both former General Motors-Holden designers.

Robert Thorpe said having a design team with industry experience from the “pre-electric vehicle” era would be valuable. “Many new cars are born in new contexts, new ways of making cars. But not everyone can afford to establish an attractive brand identity through automotive design. That’s what we do, get to know the brand, find out what they’re about and develop the appropriate design language,” he said in a press release after the new year.

Behind the design of VF Wild and VF 3

VinFast VF 3 has a rather square design, while VF Wild has a strong appearance typical of American and Australian pickup trucks along with many unique details such as a windshield that extends almost to the roof, and open doors. reverse. Both cars attracted the attention of foreign media when appearing at CES 2024.

Both CEO Robert Thorpe and design director Justin Thompson were also present at the event in Las Vegas, expressing their desire to make a strong impression on the public with VF 3 and VF Wild, and affirm their position. Gomotiv in the vehicle design market.

“We hope when the car debuts at CES, people will say “wow” and attract attention. We want to be the alternative to Italian designers. We understand the Asia-Pacific market well. We can help automakers and start-ups here,” Thorpe said.

“The electric vehicle market is very exciting, allowing new players to participate. That means we appeared at the right time,” he added.

Thorpe emphasized that Gomotiv not only plays a role in interior and exterior design, but also needs to work closely with the engineering team to ensure technology standards are seamlessly integrated. This is not a simple task. Thanks to its experienced team, Gomotiv is confident it can develop an electric vehicle from concept to mass production. They did it with VinFast VF 3 and are in the process of doing the same for VF Wild.

Such extensive capabilities are the reason for the formation of the partnership between VinFast and Gomotiv, according to design director Thompson.

And Robert Thorpe revealed that the relationship with VinFast has actually been rekindled since the Vietnamese car manufacturer organized a car design competition. However, Gomotiv missed that one. The relationship was reconnected when VinFast had a need for new car models.

Gomotiv believes this relationship will help create outstanding cars. “There’s so much to say about the VinFast team we’re working with. They are wonderful. What they are trying to do and the speed at which they are doing it is absolutely terrifying. I am very impressed,” he told Australian media.