VinFast VF 8 Updates: Changing Lanes and Changing Minds

In response to consumer input, VinFast is improving the VF 8 with new revisions that include better interior design and enhanced technologies. This article offers an overview of the useful advancements that VinFast has put in place to improve the VF 8 driver and passenger experience overall.

To improve primary and secondary ride comfort, VinFast has adjusted the VF 8’s suspension system, vehicle height, damper tuning, and spring tuning. Particularly benefited by these upgrades are second-row passengers, who report a noticeable decrease in choppiness and bumpiness. A discernible difference is also made by the redesigned noise-canceling architecture, which successfully lowers road noise and improves passenger comfort throughout the interior. Improved wind noise isolation improves the car’s acoustic comfort even more, making for a calm ride even at fast speeds.

All VinFast cars, including the VF 8, are constructed with an extensive array of safety features and clever ideas. In the VF 8, the advanced digital security system instantly notifies emergency services in the case of an accident, and VinFast recently improved its heads-up display to keep drivers’ eyes on the road. Furthermore, the Emergency SOS button prioritizes the occupants’ safety and well-being by offering a prompt and effective means of requesting assistance during emergencies.

In addition to these developments, VinFast has placed a high priority on the electrification of its cars with an emphasis on battery efficiency. Because of its larger battery capacity, the VF 8 has a longer battery life before needing to be recharged. Another notable enhancement is the VF 8’s speedier charging time, which drastically cuts down on waiting time during charging sessions. This attention to battery technology highlights VinFast’s goal to giving its consumers a smooth and effective electric driving experience, further establishing the company as a progressive force in the automobile sector.

VinFast’s dedication to affordability is demonstrated by the VF 8’s lower pricing point when compared to competing electric vehicles. VinFast’s electric vehicles provide unparalleled value for the great features and performance, with the VF 8 priced between $46,000 and $51,800. Moreover, VinFast offers ownership perks like auto repair, extended warranties, and customer support, promoting client happiness along the whole trip.

VinFast is a strong contender in the worldwide automobile market thanks to their most recent VF 8 improvements, which highlight the creativity, design prowess, and customer-focused features. VinFast is turning heads and altering perceptions by demonstrating that affordability, safety, and sustainability can coexist with elegance and innovation.

  1. Currently max DC speed is 150kw, but i have seen it went up to 168kw for a few minutes while level 3 charging outside. What is the upgraded DC speed?