VinFast delivers key software enhancements to its VF 8 model in the U.S.

One of VinFast’s core strengths is our ability to deploy resources and act decisively to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. To do this, we actively seek feedback as we strive for continuous improvement in the quality, functionality and performance of our vehicles.

Since the introduction of the VF 8 in the U.S. earlier this year, we have welcomed and considered observations and assessments from vehicle owners and the automotive reviewer community. While they have appreciated our products’ high performance, premium features, stylish design and advanced safety standards, they have also identified areas in which we could better adapt to U.S. consumer preferences.

Building on the feedback received over the past months, we are pleased to share that we have worked diligently and have taken meaningful steps to bring key improvements and enhancements to our VF 8 vehicle software.

Recent over-the-air software updates have included many improvements for VF 8 vehicles in the U.S. The updates contain numerous refinements that bring our comprehensive suite of enhanced technology offerings and premium features more in line with customer expectations and positively impact satisfaction.

As we continue to work relentlessly to bring customers the best quality and outstanding service, we always welcome user feedback. We are committed to continuing to provide regular updates and information about vehicle improvements to our community.

The VinFast Team

  1. Within the last 5 months of driving VF8 in California, my car has gone through quite a few firmware updates. The most recent update has definitely been a step-up from previous ones with key fob linking, speed chime setting saved and lane setting saved for a day or 2 and etc.
    Before, settings werent saved at all. Every time re-entering the car, we had to re-adjust all the settings before driving off comfortably.
    Also, one suggestion is to include released notes with every update. This way, owners know what to expect, test out those features and eventually report out bugs as well.
    The notes “this is the most updated firmware version” is useless leaving owners to discover new features themselves.
    Keep up, VF!

    1. Had my car since end of March only had 1 OTA to 9.5.2.. it has had the recall done and techs said the infotainment system is on 9.6 version however the vehicle systems firmware still on 9.5.2 and Reps keep saying the OTA update is coming next week. They been saying that for 2 months. 1972 is last of VIN lol

      1. SD folks i know are being scheduled this week onward for 9.6. update. Yours soon 😉

      2. Dear Scott Davis,

        We are sorry to hear that your vehicle has not been updated with the new version. VinFast wants to make sure all vehicles are updated with the latest firmware version. Your issue has been brought to our attention and we will make necessary actions to resolve the matter.

        Once again, we’re terribly sorry for the delay and reaching out to shortly. In case, if there’s questions or concerns, please reach let us know at (833) 503-0600 (24/7). Thank you and have a great day!

    2. Dear Natalie Tung,
      Thank you contacting VinFast and providing us with valuable feedback. We appreciate your continued support towards our company and product!
      Should you require any further assistance, please let us know by calling directly at (833) 503-0600 (24/7). Thank you and have a great day ahead!

      1. I have a VF8 Plus and it just has so these is nothing new? I can’t even access all the cameras only see the rear camera when in R and it said something about premium features but I don’t have any on my dashboard only like 3 apps games and tune in 😭

      2. Dear Daisy Salazar,

        We are sorry to hear that you are facing problems with our product. We will reach out to you shortly to get the necessary details to further investigate the issues.

        Should you require any further assistance, please let us know by calling directly at (833) 503-0600 (24/7). Thank you and have a great day ahead!

  2. So I’m a bit confused now, I thought NEW OTA updates were sent to all cars at the same time. Does each car need to received OTA updates separately? Reading the posts, it seems Vinfast owners have to request updates otherwise they are stuck with old versions. How are they suppose to know? At the very least, Vinfast should be posting or emailing owner notifications of the software updates. Natalie seems to be providing more info on software versions to owners than Vinfast. (Thank you Natalie). This post should have included the latest version number. I’m still undecided about purchasing my VF8 Plus and still waiting to hear additional comments from those with the latest updates. Hoping latest updates cleared most of the issues listed in the negative reviews. Can a VF staff chime in and fill in the correct info on how this works.
    Thank you

    1. With what i’ve gathered so far:
      -latest firmware for City Edition is
      -latest firmware for Standard is

      Some City Edition owners i know decided to stay at since they are used to the car’s behaviors.
      Some CE owners are in line waiting for update. It is indeed can be OTA, but i believe VF wants to test out the car right after updates and fixes if any error occurs.
      Also, when i brought my car in for update, there were a few other things VF discovered and fixed themselves (tightening bolts, AC pipe coolant, brake burnishing etc).
      I think it is good that they handle the updates themselves for now. It is a bit inconvenient, but they provide loaner or reimburse for rentals.
      All in all, just for the sake of improving software and making the car more reliable.

  3. My VF8 CE went from the original 9.5… to I noticed is the mileage has been improved a little and I am not sure if the software update has anything to do with that or the car just broke in.
    L2 home charging with VinFast portable charger has been perfect since the update.

    For everything else, things are still sporadic. It can save some personal settings some of the time and the settings can be lost at some other times.

    Startup sequence is improved by a few seconds but it is still long (70 seconds) to get the 3D camera to come on and that the last thing to be on before you can driving without triggering any faults. This must be improved. If you start driving the car when it indicates “READY” you might run a risk of stalling it.