VinFast Announces New Membership Benefits Program

At VinFast, we are proud to introduce the Global Community Member Benefits program for our valued clientele. This program is designed to provide an exclusive and unparalleled experience for VinFast owners and enthusiasts, while also fostering a sense of community among our loyal customers.

The program has three tiers: Members, Car Owners, and VIPs. To become a member, customers must reserve a VinFast EV. Car Owners have made a full vehicle purchase, and VIP status is reserved for car owners who are active brand ambassadors in the VinFast community.

If you’re a member, you will receive early updates on vehicle promotions, get regular feedback from VinFast on vehicle usage questions, and have the opportunity to attend test drive events, and meet-and-greets with key members of the VinFast team. You also get access to a private online forum where you can share experiences, ask questions, and connect with other VinFast enthusiasts. 

As a Car Owner you’ll also be able to participate in themed events such as VinFast’s anniversary and holiday events, as well as gain access to unique offers that will vary by campaign.

In the top tier, VIPs can contribute ideas on the research and development of vehicle and software products, and be considered for invitations to exclusive events for global members in different countries every year, in addition to all previously listed perks.

For more information, refer to our summary of benefits and the Membership Benefit Terms & Conditions.

Collect Points to Cash-In On Big Prizes and Earn VIP Status

Members are encouraged to engage in the VinFast Global Community to earn points. They can participate in surveys, refer community members or purchase a second vehicle, or refer the purchase of a VinFast EV, all of which award varying amounts of points

These points can be redeemed for VinFast gifts and merchandise or even a rebate on a VinFast EV purchase. Members who accumulate a minimum of 16,000 points will be enrolled as a VIP member. All points earned within a calendar are set to expire by December 31 of the following calendar year. Program terms and conditions apply

At VinFast, we are committed to providing our customers with a truly exceptional and luxurious experience. We are excited to welcome you to the VinFast Global Community and to share in the joy of driving one of our vehicles. Join us today and experience the VinFast difference!

    1. I feel bad for their marketing department that has to try to sale/promote a member benefit that should just be normal communication to all potential stakeholders.