VF 9 – the pinnacle of VinFast’s design and technology 

The number 9 symbolizes completeness and fullness, just like how VinFast marked the pinnacle of design and technology perfection in the VF 9 electric car model just delivered to users. 

VinFast’s “eternal number 9” – the pinnacle of perfection 

According to Asian beliefs, the number 9 is an extremely positive number (in ancient times, odd numbers belong to yang, even numbers belong to yin), containing good intentions. In addition, the number 9 also rhymes with the word “cuu” in “eternity” and “everlasting”, symbolizing the pinnacle in all aspects. Perhaps, that is the hidden message behind VF 9 – the most advanced electric SUV model in VinFast’s current product range. 

The class of VF 9 is demonstrated from the first touch point with customers, which is the design elaborated to every detail by the famous studio Pininfarina (Italy). VF 9 is a combination of a classy and powerful SUV but still retains aesthetics and sophistication. 

Elegant features from contemporary art, combined with gentle, flowing lines mixed with personality and sportiness, are the materials for Italian designers to create the unique and classy appearance of VF 9. 

Overall, VF 9 has a seamless design language with a system of air vents in the front bumper, a door handle system hidden in the body, combined with a very soft line running along the roof and body design. The car is slim and has a high rear, giving it a strong, sophisticated look. Not simply an aesthetic choice, the details on the VF 9 are also carefully calculated to optimize aerodynamics, reduce wind resistance coefficient, thereby increasing travel distance to the maximum. 

Perfection also comes from the classy, luxurious experience that VF 9 brings to users. 

The cockpit of the VF 9 is designed in a minimalist style, giving users a relaxing experience in the car. All operations are performed on the large 15.6-inch touch entertainment screen above the dashboard. 

At the same time, the most “money-making” highlight in the interior space of VF 9 is the captain’s chairs on the 6-seat version with full high-end features such as massage, heating, ventilation, and large armrests. Integrated wireless charging, 8-inch touch screen…, making many people think of a business class cabin on an airplane – an experience that not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy. 

Lucky number 9 and the journey to conquer the world 

Many guests on the day they received the first VF 9 were surprised that the VF 9 car was no different from a “technology house”. In fact, it would be a big mistake to mention the class of VF 9 without mentioning the ADAS advanced driving assistance system with dozens of features, including some level 2 features, such as: Mobility assistance When there is congestion, Driving assistance on the highway… 

The technology space on VF 9 is also highly appreciated thanks to a series of smart features: Q&A, interaction with virtual assistant; Display real-time traffic status; Supports optimal itinerary setting; Monitor and warn of illegal intrusion; Remote software updates… 

“Clearly, with VF 9, VinFast is proving to everyone that a Vietnamese electric car company can make world-class products,” an expert in the car industry commented on VinFast. 

Going beyond the technology category, according to this expert, VinFast’s way of saving the best in the car with number 9 is like a wish of luck for those who believe in VinFast. “Number 9 brings luck and fulfillment, therefore, in ancient legends, elephants with nine tusks, chickens with nine spurs, and horses with nine red feathers are often mentioned,” this person commented. 

Number 9 in VinFast’s special event also reminds people of the first batch of VF 8 electric cars that sailed across the ocean to the US a while ago. At that time, VinFast also chose the correct 999 cars, even though Panama’s Silver Queen ship had a capacity of more than 4,500 cars. “There is no luckier number than 999,” Ms. Le Thi Thu Thuy – Vice President of Vingroup and President of VinFast once shared with Reuters news agency. 

The first VF 8 cars exported abroad are now rolling on American soil and receiving a lot of praise from customers in one of the most demanding markets in the world. With VF 9, many people believe that VinFast’s large electric car model will once again mark a historical milestone, conquering more customers in the US, Europe and other markets.