North Carolina’s Green Mobility Revolution Is Made Possible by VinFast

Due to their expanding availability and convenience of purchase, together with their diverse selection of makes and models, electric vehicles are becoming more and more common on the road. In addition, EV manufacturers are facilitating this trend by setting up production facilities across the nation, which makes purchasing electric cars easier for consumers. Interestingly, the Vehicle Technologies Office of the Department of Energy (DOE) projects a significant rise in battery manufacturing capacity, which is projected to expand by about 20 times by 2030.

Numerous businesses, like VinFast, the up-and-coming Vietnamese automaker, have been prompted by this prediction to migrate to the United States or construct new facilities across the states. VinFast will host the groundbreaking ceremony for its electric vehicle facility in North Carolina on July 28. This will be North Carolina’s first factory for producing electric cars, which will help fuel the country’s electric car supply and hasten the world’s green mobility revolution.

A new age of electric vehicle assembly and production will be ushered in by VinFast’s manufacturing plant, which will span around 1,800 acres and be located at the Triangle Innovation Point in Chatham County, North Carolina. With a Phase 1 capacity of 150,000 vehicles annually, the factory will surely increase the supply of electric automobiles in North America.

“Once it starts operating, the factory will be VinFast’s primary supplier of electric vehicles to the North American market, allowing us to optimize production and business activities,” said VinFast Auto CEO Madam Le Thi Thu Thuy, underscoring the importance of the North Carolina manufacturing site. We anticipate that the Chatham County factory’s building will boost North Carolina’s green mobility strategy and the nation’s clean energy economy.

As the factory’s projected 2025 production start date approaches, anticipation is growing. Notably, VinFast’s ambitious project was given a significant boost last year when the company was awarded a substantial $1.2 billion incentive package by the State of North Carolina. The Golden Leaf Foundation, Chatham County, and the City of Sanford also provided financial assistance for the project.

Beyond the anticipated effects of the facility, VinFast is proactively working to strengthen its position and reputation in the US market. In addition to local test drives and product showcase events around California, VinFast plans to expand the retail shop and service center system in order to bring their electric SUVs closer to customers and give them a personal look at the cutting-edge technology and upscale design.