Is VF 3 ready to reach the world? 

In June 2023, VinFast officially introduced the VF 3 electric car model. The car has the advantages of being compact, modern, suitable for many uses, and covers foreign information sites.

As soon as VF 3 was released, it attracted the attention of hundreds of international news sites. Carscoops and Autoblog wrote reviews of VinFast’s new product. Carscoops called the VF 3 a lovely car that makes Americans jealous. Meanwhile, Autoblog reported that VinFast will sell the VF 3 next year and said that this could be a national car that satisfies the car dreams of Vietnamese people. 

VF3 in Electrify Expo 2023 Texas

Another information site, Motor Trend, commented that VF 3 has a compact and cute design, and expressed regret that VF 3 will not be distributed in the US market. This raises the question of whether VF 3 has the opportunity to access the international market, or does it just stop at the desire to produce and operate domestically? 

The current electric vehicle market has appeared many mini cars with compact design and similar functions to the VF 3, targeting urban customers who want to replace motorbikes with electric vehicles. Famous car manufacturers from China, Japan and many other countries have introduced small EV models, etc. These car models are attracting great attention and selling well in the market, creating a fierce competition. Exciting competition in the mini electric car segment. 

The strong growth of the current mini electric vehicle market is clear evidence that the demand for electric vehicles is increasing significantly around the world. This is due to increased awareness of environmental issues, support from governments, advances in technology and improvements in prices and operating costs. 

According to The Global EV Outlook report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), global electric vehicle sales surged in 2022, with more than two million units sold in the first quarter alone, a 75% increase compared to 2020. with the same period in 2021. TechSci Research points out that the mini electric vehicle market is expected to reach between 2.2 and 3.2 million units during 2020-2026, with value growth of up to 23.20% . 

Data from Motor Intelligence also shows that China is the leading market with the highest electric vehicle sales in 2021. In Vietnam, the use of mini electric cars brings many benefits such as affordable price, wide range Suitable mobility in urban areas and technical requirements are not too high, these are beneficial factors to dominate the market. 

The above numbers and data show the strong growth trend of the electric vehicle market globally and in Vietnam. This development creates a great opportunity for VinFast and the VF 3 car line to enter the international market and meet growing customer demand for compact and urban electric vehicles. 

 Hopefully this lovely electric car arrives in the USA soon! 


  1. Great news! Seems that the American media are very positive about this model. They all seem to love it, as a matter of fact!