30 seconds encapsulate the powerful beauty of VF Wild

Although it is just a concept car, VinFast VF Wild, just revealed at CES 2024, is considered by experts to be a serious competitor in the pickup segment, and will become a strategic card for the Vietnamese automaker in the market. North America. Let’s admire the beautiful footage of this powerful VF Wild.


Great potential of VF Wild in the US market

VinFast has just entered the pickup segment with the launch of the VF Wild concept car at CES 2024 in Las Vegas (USA). This is a strategic model that helps the company fill its product range after moving to the pure electric era from mid-2022.
Many experts believe that the US will be a key market for the VF Wild model when VinFast chooses CES as the place to launch this new concept car. With many years of experience monitoring the automobile market in North America, Jeff Zurschmeide, a writer for the Portland Tribune, was optimistic when evaluating the VF Wild as a potential car model.

According to him, the US market prefers pickup products but consumers are still looking for good-priced electric vehicles. Electric pickup models currently on the market are too expensive. “VF Wild has not announced the selling price, but if this product has a good price and quality, I think VinFast will achieve great sales because demand is very high,” Jeff Zurschmeide expects.

“If produced at a factory in North Carolina, VF Wild would become a formidable competitor to pickup trucks currently on the market,” the auto newspaper concluded.

Impressive design in the segment

Specific specifications of VF Wild have not yet been revealed, other than its length of 5,324 mm and width of 1,997 mm. VF Wild has a great advantage thanks to the unique automatic folding feature of the windshield and rear seats, helping to increase the length of the compartment from 1,524 to 2,438 mm. This is also the longest size among car models in the same segment, giving VF Wild a competitive advantage by helping users have spacious space to carry things, rest or entertain in the car.

VF Wild scores strongly with its impressive design. VF Wild has both the robustness and strength necessary for a pickup model and the luxury and elegance of modern electric vehicle models, like a breath of fresh air blowing into the segment.

VF Wild creates a different impression when it has a steering glass that extends almost to the entire roof of the car. This is an interesting highlight, rarely seen in the pickup segment. This design reflects the true spirit of a car for outdoor activities and nature exploration.

At the rear of the car, VF Wild continues to show its breakthrough in the segment with a reverse-opening rear door, similar to the design on Rolls-Royce’s super luxury cars. The desire to create a luxury pickup model with many amenities is also shown in the fact that VinFast equips screens for the rear seats.

The reverse opening door on the VF Wild concept version also comes with a “stealth” B-pillar design. This combination creates spacious space for the passenger compartment when the 4 doors are opened wide. This is also an advantage that makes getting in and out of the car easier.

Although the VF Wild is only in concept car form, Rafael Chocron, senior engineer at Torino Design, believes that this is a model that will go into production because this product makes a special impression.

“VF Wild will be a car for the US market with a unique design, impressive proportions, solid lines and strong style,” the veteran engineer assessed.

Similarly, leading auto websites all highly appreciate VF Wild’s design. Carbuzz evaluates that VF Wild has an eye-catching appearance and a strong American character. Meanwhile, Autoblog believes that VF Wild is suitable for Chinese consumers with its beautiful design and many impressive features.