Reliving the E-VIN MEET & GREET: An unforgettable affair

On June 17, 2023, enthusiastic VinFast owners came together at The Citadel Outlets showroom for a thrilling E-VIN Meet & Greet event. United by their shared belief in the spirit and quality of VinFast, they generated a vibrant atmosphere that gave birth to countless unforgettable moments.

Vietnamese style finger foods were specially made for US VinFast owners 

VinFast Community members enjoyed the opportunity to MEET & GREET

…and sharing their own experience with VinFast VF 8 

…and playing the minigame with lovely gifts from VinFast

…and winning the luckydraw – a VinFast home charger. Congratulations to our very luck owner.

The excitement doesn’t stop there! More events are already in the works for California, providing even more chances for VinFast enthusiasts to gather, forge connections, and fully immerse themselves in the world of VinFast.
Keep an eye out for updates on upcoming events, and make sure to join us for the next exhilarating gathering!
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  1. Awesome!!! Look forward to the next event. Who could have thought how fun it is to own a car like with VinFast? Besides pride of ownership, there is always this fun aspect!;-)