VinFast VF 9: electric SUV for modern families

Luxurious design, spacious space, modern technology, powerful and safe operation are the 5 golden criteria in choosing a high-end SUV for families, and are also the advantages that converge on the car model. VinFast VF 9 electric 7-seat version.

5-star safety according to international standards

One of the top criteria for customers buying a family car is safety. Inheriting VinFast’s “technology DNA”, VF 9 brings peace of mind to users when designed to meet the highest international safety standards such as 5-star Euro NCAP and 5-star NHTSA.
Besides, the solid chassis (one of VinFast’s strengths) provides stable and safe operation in different road conditions and speed ranges for VF 9. In addition to standard technologies such as Electronic stability system, anti-lock braking system, 11 airbags, this large SUV also has an advanced driver assistance system ADAS.

This technology package provides customers with modern features such as traffic assistance in traffic jams, highway driving assistance, collision warning, lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and blind spot warning. … Thanks to that, drivers and passengers are guaranteed a high level of safety on every journey.

Modern amenities meet all needs

As the leading electric SUV on the market, VF 9 integrates a series of technologies, utilities and smart features. VinFast’s most advanced car model has the ability to connect to the smarthome system, helping to control electrical and electronic devices in the house, bringing a trendy experience to car owners.

Meanwhile, in terms of touch, the Vietnamese car company favors users with high-quality leather seats, integrated ventilation, heating and 5 massage modes. Thanks to that, on any journey, whether short or long, drivers and passengers can enjoy a relaxing and comfortable “business class” experience.

In addition, this SUV line is also equipped with an information and entertainment screen up to 15.6 inches in size – combined with a Vietnamese virtual assistant to help the whole family have moments of rest and enjoy favorite programs. when going on a picnic together.

Spacious space, enough room for the whole family

With length x width x height of 5,118 x 2,254 x 1,696 mm respectively, VinFast VF 9 is currently the most imposing car model in the E-SUV segment. The modern electric car produced in Vietnam also has no competitors in terms of wheelbase, up to 3,150 mm. Thanks to that, VF 9 has an exceptionally spacious interior, giving users comfortable space in all 3 rows of seats.

On the 7-seat version, the armrest in the 6-seat version has been converted into an electric seat that can be freely adjusted forward, backward, folded, and reclined, with a width equivalent to the “captain’s chair” on the 6-seat version. When not in use, this fifth chair can be turned into a spacious and convenient armrest or mobile desk.

The middle seat in the second row is wide enough for adults to sit comfortably, without the feeling of an extra seat. For families with young children, this second row of seats can become a space for children to play or sleep on the road.

“VF 9 7-seat version is even better than the 6-seat version. The car is also closer to large, multi-generational families,” the expert commented.

Luxurious design, enhancing the owner’s position

VF 9 makes a strong impression on anyone at first sight because of its imposing, luxurious design with strong lines and shapes while still being fashionable and elegant. Every detail on the car is carefully calculated by designers from the world-famous studio Pininfarina to both create a highlight for the car and optimize performance according to aerodynamic principles.

VF 9 will convince customers to choose the car because the manufacturer focuses on both function and aesthetics. Besides, owning a classy electric car model made in Vietnam is also a testament to the homeowner’s pioneering and trendy thinking.

External beauty is like a mirror reflecting the car owner’s aesthetic taste. A car with a high-class design that is different from the crowd also helps elevate the homeowner’s status. Successful families will easily find this in the VF 9 electric SUV.