VinFast is committed to promoting a zero-emission economy

Global General Director of VinFast Auto, Ms. Le Thi Thu Thuy affirmed that VinFast is committed to promoting and contributing to global zero-emission economic development at the COPP28 Forum.

Attending and giving a presentation at the Sustainable Trade Forum, VinFast General Director brought a discussion session to share the strategy of modernizing and optimizing the supply chain for the company’s vertically integrated model.

Representing businesses in ASEAN at the Sustainable Trade Forum of COP28, VinFast General Director affirmed his strong commitment to promoting innovation, contributing to zero-emission economic development, towards a A more sustainable future for everyone. In addition, VinFast also contributes approaches from the perspective of businesses from Southeast Asia to improve the flexibility and sustainability of the global supply chain.

“As an innovative and ever-evolving global electric vehicle manufacturer, we are proud to participate and contribute to important discussions about the future of the world trading system. We look forward to contributing unique perspectives and approaches to jointly modernize the world trade system to bring benefits to more countries, establishing a comprehensive, extensive supply chain, and more sustainable to protect our future and our planet,” she said.

The presentation was given on December 4 at the discussion “Enhancing sustainable supply chain resilience”, within the framework of the Sustainable Trade Forum at COP28.

The forum aims to promote supply chain resilience, withstand global disruption and minimize environmental impacts. Chaired by Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, UAE Minister of State and Minister of Economy, with the participation of global leaders, industry experts, and representatives of the world’s leading businesses .
Dr. Thani Al Zeyoudi, Minister of State and Minister of Economy of the UAE, affirmed: “At the Dialogue, we expect to bring together leaders from both the public and private sectors to share and discuss. on innovative solutions to strengthen global supply chains. Modernizing the multilateral trading system will have a huge positive impact and can contribute significantly to global climate change goals.”

In addition to the session “Enhancing sustainable supply chain resilience,” VinFast representatives also participated in a discussion session on transportation electrification in Vietnam organized by the Vietnam Ministry of Transport and UNDP Vietnam. Business representatives share experiences in developing an electric mobility ecosystem in Vietnam, from manufacturing and developing electric vehicle models, to developing a comprehensive electrified transportation ecosystem and on-road charging infrastructure. nationwide scale.

During the 12-day event, VinFast’s high-end electric car model, VF 9, will be displayed at Expo Dubai City. The event also marked the first time the VF 9 model was introduced in the UAE market. This year’s conference is expected to have more than 70,000 delegates, including heads of state, heads of government and world leaders, to build consensus and create favorable conditions for progress on climate action among countries, delegates and thousands of NGOs, businesses and other stakeholders.