“VinFast is an inspirational model in the green mobility industry”

“VinFast has become a typical model for other businesses in Vietnam and around the world in the green transformation process by making many strong commitments and actions to contribute to zero-emission economic development.”

That is the opinion of Mr. Dan Vardie, President of Autobest – Europe’s leading car rating organization.

VinFast has vision, strategy and drastic actions

– VinFast has made many commitments and actions with the goal of “For a green, sustainable future for everyone”. What do you think about their determination?

Witnessing the development of VinFast over the past 6 years, I can say, what the VinFast team has been doing in just a very short time is very appreciable. I remember in 2017, VinFast was only known as a startup with gasoline cars. However, with the goal of making electric cars from the beginning, VinFast has made a breakthrough and bold move, switching completely to electric vehicle production and quickly perfecting the electric vehicle ecosystem with a full range of products from cars, electric motorbikes to buses, electric bicycles. VinFast will be a typical model to inspire many other businesses on the journey towards a green future.

– In your opinion, where does VinFast’s success come from?

VinFast’s success is inspirational about a green future, especially in its strategic vision and drastic actions to realize that vision. Chairman of Vingroup, in my eyes is a man with foresight, ahead of trends and finding his own path.

However, what I admire about him is not only his foresight, but also his convincing and inspiring people of that vision. That was amazing! Because you know, in a large company like Vingroup or VinFast, just having one person with a vision is not enough, the whole team must unanimously believe in following the right vision. This is also part of their success story.

Governments need to play a leading role in the green transition journey

– In your opinion, what do we need to do for green mobility to truly become a revolution capable of strongly promoting awareness and action of the entire community?

If businesses are the ones who inspire and realize the green transformation, the government is the one who plays the leading role, and can even be called “mandatory”, in creating the premise and promoting this revolution.

To change the perception and actions of an entire society, governments need to get involved. And that’s the only solution. Governments need to clearly understand that the “green future” is the destination of the whole world, thereby providing specific plans and regulations to promote the mobility revolution. Many countries in Europe are following this path.

– In your opinion, in the future, what will be the energy solution when electric cars completely replace gasoline cars?

I believe this issue will be resolved in the future. As the electric vehicle trend is increasingly flourishing, at the same time, energy solutions, infrastructure… are also developing synchronously. Electric vehicle and battery production technology will also be increasingly adjusted and have breakthroughs in the future.

At present, batteries are the most effective solution to provide energy for electric vehicles. But in the future, we will be able to “unlock” many new possibilities and solutions. Therefore, I think we should not ask questions about problems that “will be solved in the future”, but the question is when does that process happen, how fast, and how can society stay in the future? Vietnam or Europe can switch to using 100% electricity. That is the path to the future and VinFast is one of the people paving the way for that future!

Source: Public source