What do EV Lovers around the world say about the VF 3 electric car model recently launched globally?

With beautiful design, compact size suitable for urban areas and good equipment, VinFast’s mincar model is considered an ideal choice by users around the world.

Present at CES 2024, Mr. Ted Cummins (Texas, USA) admitted that he did not know much about VinFast before arriving at the exhibition. However, the Vietnamese automaker’s display space immediately attracted him, especially the appearance of a small car model called VF 3. “I was really attracted to the mini-SUV VF 3 model.” ” A man working in the construction field expressed his impression with the design of the Vietnamese electric car model.

Participating in CES 2024 from the first opening days, journalist Allison Sheridan expressed that VinFast’s space is a “must visit” place to see firsthand the small electric SUV VF 3. Appreciate the full product range of VinFast, according to her, VF 3 will be a suitable car model for users to move in urban areas.

VinFast’s mini-eSUV model has dimensions of 3,190 x 1,679 x 1,622 mm (length, width, height) and a travel range of up to 210 km per charge. According to Ms. Allison Sheridan, these are parameters capable of meeting the daily needs of users in the US.

“Most people in America travel less than 40 miles a day. I have a friend in South Dakota, he often travels 18 miles/day and a car like the VF 3 is the ideal choice for him,” said Allison Sheridan.

Sharing this perspective, Dung Taylor, a user in the US, said that American customers are very pragmatic, especially the GenZ generation. Therefore, VF 3 has complete potential in this market, alongside large car models.

In addition, the VF 3 model according to him is also suitable for first-time electric car owners. US demand is currently very high and therefore VinFast’s electric car model could be the “ideal choice”.

Also having an optimistic view of VF 3 in the US, Jeff Zurschmeide, an automotive reporter, writing for the Portland Tribune, pointed out that one of the attractions of VF 3 is its attractive design. “This is a beautiful looking car and everyone will want to own this product,” commented Jeff Zurschmeide.

With good quality, VinFast’s small electric car model can even be “almost the only choice” on the market if the price is right.
Rafael Chocron, a senior engineer working in the field of design, also has confidence in VF 3. With its compact size, VF 3 according to Rafael Chocron can easily move on crowded streets in cities. big city. According to him, many exhibition visitors expressed interest in VF 3 and bringing this car model to the US market is a reasonable step for VinFast. “I believe that the mini-SUV VF 3 will become the future of mobility,” the engineer said.

As noted, along with VF 3, VinFast’s space at CES 2024 always attracts many tourists and users because of its impressive electric vehicle ecosystem. A notable highlight is the VF Wild electric pickup concept car, which is currently making the world user community “fever”. In addition, the DrgnFly electric bicycle model also attracts many customers to experience with its unique design and features highly appreciated by users.