The special significance of US President Biden’s visit to Vietnam

On the evening of September 11, US President Joe Biden ended his two-day state visit to Vietnam at the invitation of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong. The most notable result of this visit of the head of the White House is that the two sides decided to elevate the relationship between Vietnam and the United States to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership.  

The two countries have spent 10 years in a Comprehensive Partnership and now is the time to upgrade to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership. The current time is truly the most desirable time for the people and governments of the two countries to upgrade Vietnam-US relations to a new level.  

At this time, Vietnam has made very strong developments both economically, politically, socially as well as its role and reputation are constantly growing in the international arena. Viet Nam or more broadly, the Asia-Pacific region and the world in general are undergoing very rapid changes that are difficult to predict. Therefore, extensive cooperation and constructive contributions from every country in the world are needed. 

US President Joe Biden said on September 10 that Vietnam and the US upgrading relations is beneficial for both countries, beneficial for the two peoples and for world peace and stability in general. 

For Vietnam, first of all in terms of economics, this new relationship will help promote investment flows from the US into Vietnam; It can be seen as a boost in economic, trade and investment cooperation between the US and Vietnam. When the US has increased investment in Vietnam, it will naturally lead to the flow of capital and science and technology from many Western businesses into Vietnam.  

With the new relationship, of course Vietnam will have access to the most advanced scientific and technological advances of the US and the West. Also in the economic field, Vietnam is the 7th largest trading partner of the US with more than 130 billion USD in trade each year. In the near future, that number will certainly not stop, it will be much higher, it will open up and allow many other Vietnamese products to enter the US market. 

President Biden announced Vinfast’s construction of an electric car factory in North Carolina

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