Many American customers are satisfied with VinFast VF 8

The VinFast VF 8 electric SUV won the hearts of many Americans in the North Carolina area.

VinFast VF 8 received positive reviews in the US

According to TV channel WRAL (USA), two months after opening the Leith VinFast showroom in Cary, North Carolina, General Director David Coyle said the brand has had great success penetrating the regional market. Triangle area (residential area in North Carolina).

“We’re selling to everyone,” David Coyle said. “Currently, buying a high-end car at such a low rental price is a bargain in the market. We have a lot of people willing to test the car because the rental fee is so attractive. ”

Users can currently own a VinFast Eco 2023 without having to pay any money upfront with a rental contract worth 249 USD/month (converted price of 6.1 million VND). That’s less than half the average monthly price for a new car lease, according to Lending Tree.

Coyle declined to say how many cars were sold or leased, but the Cary dealership only had six 2023 VF 8s left as of February 23.

What do users say about the VinFast VF 8 electric car?

Matthew Braunstein, president of the Carolina Viper Club (the Viper brand’s car enthusiast group), is a car enthusiast. He wants to be one of the first people to drive a VinFast in North Carolina.

“It’s great to be the first to do something,” he said.

“It’s a lot better than what the reviews say,” he shares. “There are still some areas for improvement, but with a new model this is normal.”

This user appreciates the company’s response to Americans’ growing needs, demonstrated by regular software updates performed without the need for a dealer. Besides, VinFast also actively provides support in user groups on social networks.

Matthew’s wife, Ashley Braunstein, said she would recommend VinFast to anyone looking to buy an electric car.

Another user, Cliff Faison, owns a Ford F-150 pickup truck; His wife has a Toyota Camry. He chose VinFast as his family’s electric vehicle.

“With the number of miles I drive each week, I wanted something else besides my F-150,” he said.

This driver said his personal experience was very positive.

“I think the negative reviews are not correct. This is a beautiful car,” Faison said.

His new car, when fully charged, allows it to travel about 267 miles (430 km).

“I drove down to the Wilmington area (about 136 miles from Cary), it felt good, and I found fast chargers that worked,” Faison added.

This man believes that buying a VinFast car is also a way to contribute to the local economy. Currently, VinFast is building an electric vehicle factory in Chatham County (North Carolina), not far from the city of Cary where users live.

VinFast’s plan in the US market

According to the plan, phase one of the VinFast factory project in the US has an investment value of 2 billion USD. The factory has a capacity of 150,000 vehicles per year, expected to create more than 7,500 jobs for local people.

The factory scale is 733 hectares, including 5 main production zones and workshops: body welding, assembly, stamping workshop, paint workshop and energy center. In the factory campus there are also functional works such as waste collection area, pump plant, security guard… The factory will produce three electric vehicle lines including VF 7, VF 8 and VF 9.

Recently, VinFast introduced three new electric vehicle models to the US market at the CES 2024 exhibition. Among them are an electric motorbike model (DragonFly), an electric pickup model (VF Wild) and a mini electric car model ( VF 3).

  1. I am sorry this has to be a paid endorsement as their has not been any OTA updates since I have owned the car for a year. I wish just cause your company sells them on the lot speak truthfully about the car.

  2. While I can say i love driving my VF8, it is far from being perfect and there are many issues that need to be corrected. I’ve received the latest update a few weeks ago but there are many issues and settings not working correctly before and after update. The positive side is that I’m still able to drive the car. I’m hoping the service center in West Covina will open soon as the current ones are too far away. My opinion is that the car was released 1 year too early and VF needs to be more transparent with issues. Most of the setting issues should have been resolved by now. VF is promoting their cars as luxury cars and at luxury prices but yet not really ready for “prime time”. While I feel some reviews have been biased, other manufactures would have received same type of reviews had they brought out a car with same type of issues.

    1. My car is on latest version for CE but it has to go to service center for them to install them so that is why I say no OTA updates as they always have to take car up north to do them.