California residents will receive up to $7,500 from California’s clean vehicle rebate project

The California Air Resources Board today announced that it will transition its existing Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) program to a new program that helps low- and middle-income Californians access zero-emission vehicles. 

With the success of the CVRP program that has been in place since 2010, the California Air Resources Board will transition the current CVRP program to a new program that helps low- and moderate-income Californians access vehicles with zero emissions. 

Accordingly, the new program will be applied statewide with the Clean Cars 4 All program. The goal of the program is to provide residents with up to $12,000 to remove and replace old, polluting cars with cleaner alternatives, or will provide additional assistance through the grant. A car purchase grant of up to $7,500 is available to car buyers who don’t discard an older vehicle, in addition to affordable financing options. 

Accepted vehicle types: 

  • Battery Electric (BEV)  
  • Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) 
  • Zero-Emission Motorcycle (ZEM) 
  • Conventional Gas Hybrid (HEV) 
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell (FCELL) 
  • Public Transport/Ride Share Vouchers 

VinFast is a Battery Electric Vehicle which is accepted to this program. However, the current CVRP program will continue to accept applications while funding remains available. Once funding is exhausted, new applications will be closed and updated information will be available on the CVRP website.  If you want to buy a VinFast car and receive this subsidy at the same time, you need to hurry. 

The state’s Clean Car 4 All program, which focuses on low-income Californians, remains open in its current form, targeting the state’s five largest regional air zones. The program currently offers up to $9,500 for a new clean vehicle or up to $7,500 for shared transportation or other shared mobility options. 

This is good news for people living in the California area who want to buy electric cars in general and VinFast cars in particular.

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  1. Applicants after September 6th, 2023 are on a waitlist and not guarantee a rebate. VF9 is not shipped yet to California. Bummer!