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  • Natalie Ly

    40 VF Points
    02/22/2024 at 05:53

    I have wawanesa for both of my vf8s: 1 with SDI battery (City Edition) and 1 with CATL battery (Standard Edition). Other owners have coverage via farmers, century etc.

    Try setting your car to Creep on, it wont roll back. Vf8 doesnt truly have auto-hold mode but that’s 1 way to get around it.

    If your drive mode is on Eco, you definitely feel the roll-back. If you’re on Sport, you dont feel as much.

    Another scoop is, my 1st vf8-the sdi’s hill assist is not as stable as my new vf8-the catl.

    I do have hopes they’ll address this issue in future updates.

    Also, if you have Facebook, come join us on “VinFast Friend Support.”