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  • Happy and sad moments about driving a VinFast

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    09/27/2023 at 20:07

    Today marks my 6-month anniversary of driving the VF8, with a total of over 7000 miles on the odometer. There have been many joyful and some sad moments, but overall, I still love the VF8 just as much as I did on day one.

    The car, in general, performs well, smoothly and strong. My most favorite driving the car is still the automatic driving system, which works exceptionally well. Occasionally, there have been a few minor software glitches, which are mostly addressed by VinFast. These software issues haven’t affected driver safety. Regarding home charging, it was a bit finicky at first, sometimes working and sometimes not. After reducing the charging current, it has become more stable. The convenience of not needing to visit gas stations is a good enough reason to drive an electric vehicle. VinFast has customer-oriented policies that no other brand offers, such as a 125K-mile or 10-year warranty. Battery is warranted with no mileage limit. Alongside the free charging for the first year, leasing customers can upgrade their cars within the first year at no extra cost. If you decide to trade in your car, VinFast will offer a $1000 trade-in value above KBB pricing. If you need repairs or upgrades, VinFast staff will come to your home or office, provide you with a loaner car, and take your car to the service center. These customer-oriented policies are truly remarkable.

    As for the joyful moments, the best part is the new friendships with fellow VF drivers. Daily exchanges and gatherings for conversation, food, and fun have made driving the VF8 even more enjoyable. These friends share similar interests, making conversations pleasant. Another joy is the attention the VF8 drivers could get on the road. Many people approach and inquire about the car. Almost everyone acknowledges its beauty and quality. I’ve let many friends test drive it, and they all agree that it drives smoothly. When VinFast held the groundbreaking ceremony in North Carolina, I was invited to attend, which was a valuable and memorable experience. And of course, driving the VF8 itself is an incredible experience. After driving a powerful, smooth, and smart car like the VF8, I no longer want to drive a gasoline car, even my Lexus SUV at home.

    The sad moments don’t come from the car but from people’s attitudes towards VF. To be more accurate, it’s more of frustration than sadness. I’m frustrated because I’ve had to read so much misinformation about the car. Many reviews, even from reputable sources, unfairly criticize the car, leading to a wave of anti-fans repeating these negative reviews. As a VF driver, I can confidently say that 90% of these reviews are biased and discriminatory. They don’t want to accept a young Vietnamese company coming to the US to compete with traditional automakers. The negative reviews mainly focus on two issues: vibration and noise. As someone who has driven many cars, I can say that the VF8 is no different from other cars, and it may even be better. I’ve measured the vibration and noise levels of the VF8 and compared the data with other cars to refute these unfounded reviews. However, the bigger sadness is to see a significant number of anti-fans in the Vietnamese community. These anti-fans are eager to spread negative news about VinFast and celebrating its failures. I get the impression that they are thrilled whenever they find bad news about VinFast to share. I hope these anti-fans reconsider and work together for a prosperous Vietnam in the future. For those who are still unsure and don’t know which news to believe, I encourage you to schedule a test drive of the VF8. Only by experiencing it firsthand can you come to an objective conclusion.






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  • Javier Cervantes

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    06/11/2024 at 16:15

    Tesla went through the same at first, but look at it now! although Tesla still has some areas to increase safety like in autonomous self-driving vehicles… Vinfast USA could frankly do way more by being faster in response times to customers’ needs. The cars are beautiful all around, it’s just the heart of components that need to be worked out and fast. Here in the USA Americans expect fast and high-end service including road service etc… and probably with all the bad comments of previous owners and social media Vinfast has gotten a bad rap, but there have been good things coming out of all this, and i’m sure these improvements and bug fixes take time. You would think that maybe replacing a part would change the car instantly but most of the time it’s more technical than this, but like I said before Americans spend their cash but want something with no significant issues and this is where the problem is most of the time. Vinfast needs more speed process in everything and not only it’s nice cars but also reinvent its way of conquering glitches if it takes sourcing out or learning together with other automakers then you do it. These cars have so much potential for making it big but it sometimes seems like whoever is making some of the big decisions at Vinfast lacks the EV market knowledge that is very needed from the top all the way to the bottom. Let’s hope these sad moments will be a thing of the past and hopefully start building improved EV’S that can change things around. I would love to see this wonderful change happen soon!

  • Nam Nguyen

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    10/31/2023 at 08:47

    Thank you Tony. Your story is very much like mine. Keep on happy driving!

  • Natalie Ly

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    09/27/2023 at 23:46

    Thank you for this heartfelt piece, Tony. We all have encountered doubts and negative reactions from mostly Vietnamese Americans.

    VinFast really needs to focus on Quality Control and fine tuning its firmware for a more pleasant experience.

    I believe VinFast should provide tutorial videos for features and even public station charging for first time EV owners.

    I’m so used to my speedy VF8 that i dont wanna go back to ICE cars i have 😝

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