VinFast and Green Vehicle on the journey towards a sustainable future

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air is the cause of nearly 7 million deaths each year. 

This situation raises deep concerns about public health as well as a pressing issue: What solutions are there to minimize the burden on the environment? That is why the green living trend is increasingly receiving strong support and the green vehicle trend is also gradually becoming an indispensable part on the path towards the era of sustainable development.  

So what is a green car or green vehicle? Green cars or green vehicles are road vehicles that use electric or hybrid engines, causing less harm to the environment than vehicles using traditional internal combustion engines. Not only do they provide a perfect driving experience that is not inferior, electric motorbikes and electric cars also overcome the disadvantages of internal combustion engine vehicles. 

The global air pollution situation has caused many countries to plan to “kill” cars using internal combustion engines and encourage the production and use of electric cars. That is one of the reasons leading to the remarkable development of the electric car industry.  

According to The California Air Resources Board, California has 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles in use – two years ahead of schedule – and 1 out of 4 cars sold are electric vehicles. 

However, more than a responsibility or a lifestyle, electric cars with their trendy and modern design language are also a style highlight for users. With a pioneering desire to develop a “green transportation” network along with a strong Vietnamese spirit, VinFast has been researching, producing and bringing to the US market many lines of electric vehicles with elegant and luxurious styles and full of energy.  

Not only are they highly appreciated for their groundbreaking engines, outstanding technology, and environmental protection, VinFast makes the mark thanks to the dynamic and youthful appearance. The diverse designs of VinFast models can meet the different personalities of customers.  

In Vietnam, VinFast has successfully launched electric cars, electric motorbikes, electric bicycles and electric buses. Thanks to Luxurious design, powerful performance, smart features and modern technology, VF8 and VF9 quickly captured the love of the community in the US, especially California. And now, in Canada, VF8 has also quickly rolled out.

Is it true that when VinFast electric cars gradually roll out, the door to a sustainable future is opening wider? This is the moment to affirm VinFast’s pioneering mark, strongly promoting the electric vehicle revolution and global green lifestyle.  

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