VinFast: Maintenance that Drives Peace of Mind

With cutting-edge services like doorstep maintenance, an expanding service center network, and extensive warranties, VinFast, a well-known Vietnamese automaker, is putting the needs of its customers first in the electric vehicle (EV) market. This demonstrates their commitment to providing the best possible customer experience in the EV industry.

The leading automaker in Vietnam, VinFast, has become a competitor in the electric vehicle (EV) industry by emphasizing a customer-centric strategy that seeks to provide a smooth ownership experience. VinFast’s drive to customer satisfaction is creating waves in the electric vehicle sector, with new mobile services, comprehensive warranties, and a commitment to service excellence among its offerings.

Establishing the Service Parameter

VinFast is aware of how crucial convenience is to modern EV owners. Their commitment to making car ownership as hassle-free as possible is demonstrated by the launch of their Mobile Service, a doorstep maintenance option. Furthermore, VinFast owners are guaranteed to always have access to the newest features and enhancements thanks to over-the-air firmware updates.

In order to differentiate itself, VinFast offers flexible maintenance, rescue, and repair services. This guarantees that help is available all year long, even on holidays and late at night. The majority of maintenance and repair chores can be completed by VinFast’s mobile specialists at a customer-convenient location.

Additionally, the VinFast app makes it simple and easy to access and schedule important notifications, maintenance data, and owner repair services. This demonstrates the company’s dedication to providing its clients with excellent, practical, and time-saving services.

A Vast Network of Service Centers

In order to serve VinFast owners nationwide, VinFast is constantly growing its network of service centers. Via the VinFast App or by getting in touch with the VinFast Service Support Team, customers may quickly make appointments. VinFast has improved its global customer support infrastructure by increasing its service hours to an astonishing 91 hours per week. The creation of a “Non-stop Global Repair and Consulting Center” is expected to provide 24-hour technical assistance.

Additionally, VinFast has made it mandatory for its U.S. repair network to obtain the esteemed Gold Class shop level accreditation from I-CAR. VinFast is now in line with 37 other OEMs and insurers that also demand Gold Class designation for their repair facilities, thanks to this order. VinFast Collision Center Network (VCCN) personnel have access to technical education and essential experience through I-CAR’s Professional Development Program (PDP). Since VinFast thinks that I-CAR’s instructional initiatives will be essential to achieving customer satisfaction with VinFast electric vehicles, this strategic relationship highlights VinFast’s constant dedication to great service, one of its fundamental values.

Customers of VinFast can rely on a network of VinFast Certified Collision Centers (VCCC) in the unfortunate case of an accident. These centers are staffed with trained technicians who adhere to VinFast’s exacting specifications, ensuring that the vehicle is restored to its original condition.

A Sturdy Warranty Scheme

VinFast is dedicated to providing high-quality parts and accessories, with a focus on safety, dependability, and comfort for each and every trip. By extension, VinFast shows that it is dedicated to giving its clients enduring piece of mind with a strong warranty program. VinFast’s broad warranty coverage includes coverage for the crucial battery component and ranges from 7 years/100,000 miles to 10 years/125,000 miles. VinFast is confident in the robustness and longevity of its cars, as seen by this coverage.

VinFast’s network of service centers, Mobile Services, and other support resources, all created to set industry standards and maintain customer happiness as a top priority, are examples of the company’s dedication to service excellence. VinFast wants to give its clients an enjoyable and worry-free ownership experience so they can enjoy their thrilling and hassle-free EV journey.