5 Initial Reactions from Test-Driving a VinFast EV


I had the amazing opportunity to drive the VF 8 in Vietnam back in September.  It was my first time getting behind the wheel of a VF 8.  Before I get into my initial reactions, I just wanted to say that before the test drive, it was extremely warm in Vietnam, and I was sweating bullets, so excuse the glistening look on my face given that I’ve been sweating all day.  Okay, on to my initial thoughts:

  1. Cooling seats – back to my point of being hot and sweaty during this test drive.  Usually when hot, you get that sticky leather seat feeling, but not with these cooling seats.  It cooled me down in a few seconds and it was able to get comfortable real fast and was able to focus on my drive.
  2. Touch Screen – we all know it’s 15.6 inches, but it’s hard to describe how crisp the screen is. It felt like I was driving in 4k, lol.  As I was playing around with the screen, before the drive, the biggest wow factor for me was now clean the interface was.  It was fun exploring all the little options within the display
  3. Head display – Yes if you’re aware, it’s missing, but I didn’t miss it.  You can see how fast you’re since the MPH is reflected on the windshield just above the steering wheel.  It took some time to get used to, but generally, once I started driving, it was an afterthought. 
  4. Handling – sharp corners were a breeze on in this SUV.  Even though it’s an SUV, the handling was great.  The steering wheel felt more like a race car given the slightly smaller size, but because of that reason, I felt in control the entire time, no matter how fast I was going (please stay within the speed limit, kids!)
  5. Speed – I’m not much of a speed demon, but if I ever had to drive away from people eating zombies, this is it.  The VF 8 felt like a sedan in terms of just gunning it to one end to the other.  It felt like when you’re on a roller coaster, where you feel it in your chest, that’s how it felt in this SUV.  Surprisingly quick for its size, and smooth throughout.

For those who driven it, did you have the same feelings as me?  Or am I just alone in thinking that this SUV is one of the better EV’s I’ve ever test driven.