3 Takeaways From Test-Driving the VinFast VF8

In another post, I gave initial reactions, but now that I’ve had some time to think it through, here are my top 3 takeaways.  I’m curious if anyone had the same or different reaction to mine:

  1. Smooth Ride – I couldn’t get over how smooth the ride was. I put a little stress on it, speeding up, slowing down, abrupt stops, and it took all my bad driving like a champ.
  2. Comfortability – I felt like the car was hugging me in a good way.  It not only cooled me down, but it also felt like I had a lot of support in general.  Plus, everything felt within reach with minimal effort.  
  3. Fun Drive – When I think of SUV, I generally thing slow and a bit clunky.  This car drives like a car but had the power of a real SUV. I took this car on sharp turns and constant stops, it felt light and sturdy all at the same time.


Do you agree?