VinFast Transforms Electric Vehicle Charging

Leading electric car maker VinFast provides easy ways to charge, including a home charger that can be used anywhere and an app that gives users access to more than 100,000 charging stations. Their EVs include quick level 3 DC Fast Charging, which allows for a hassle-free charging experience and a 70% charge in 31 minutes.

The infrastructure for charging electric vehicles and the convenience of doing so are among the most frequent worries expressed by prospective owners. One of the leading companies in the electric car space, VinFast, is leading the charge in resolving these issues. VinFast prioritizes a smooth client experience with their cutting-edge technology, providing simple charging alternatives for both at-home and on-the-go use. Their models can travel over 200 miles on a single charge on average.

Free of Charge Public Transportation

Public charging stations are opening up quickly and will keep doing so since, according to PwC, the EV charging industry will need to expand by almost 10 times in order to meet the needs of the anticipated 27 million EVs that will be on the road by 2030. In order to achieve its target of 5 million zero-emission vehicles on the road by the same year, California has already announced plans to invest $437 million in expanding its network of electric vehicle charging stations.

With its app, VinFast makes it simple to find and stay current with the charging market. With this easy-to-use software, you may access over 110,000 chargers across North America. VinFast also aims to simplify the process of finding a charger by allowing users to input a destination, the simplest route, complete with pauses for charging along the way, is automatically determined by the VinFast Trip Planner.

The VinFast app will initiate the session as soon as a motorist arrives at a station and plugs in their electric vehicle. It will then track the progress while drivers wait or perform errands nearby. Additionally, drivers may check the status of their charge, lock their doors, turn off their lights, and even pre-cool or preheat their cabin using the app. The VinFast app alerts drivers when VinFast is prepared and it’s time to resume driving.

Easy-to-Use House Charging

VinFast has painstakingly built the VinFast Home Charger with adaptability in mind for individuals who want the convenience of home charging. The home charger has an SAE J1772 connector, the home charger is a great option for homes with several electric vehicles because it works with a large variety of electric and hybrid automobiles in North America. The charger is flexible enough to accommodate different charging requirements because it may be positioned both indoors and outside. Additionally, VinFast provides a portable charger that can be used with either 240V NEMA 14-50 or normal 120V wall outlets, giving users the option to select the appropriate charging level depending on the electric outlets they have available. 

VinFast provides peace of mind with a three-year replacement warranty on their Home Charger, guaranteeing that any problems will be swiftly fixed and allaying worries about long-term charger performance.

Using Technology to Empower

VinFast goes above and beyond just charging to provide a hassle-free driving experience. By providing features like payment administration, energy usage monitoring, and the ability to create unique charging profiles, the VinFast App further empowers VinFast drivers.

The assurance that comes from knowing VinFast has more charging network partners than any other brand is one of the app’s most notable benefits. VinFast drivers will always have access to a large number of charging stations thanks to this vast network, which further always worries about range anxiety.

Quick Charging to Reduce Downtime

VinFast understands how valuable time is and how annoying it may be to wait for a complete charge. VinFast’s electric cars have level 3 DC Fast Charging capability in order to address this. These EVs can achieve an amazing 70% charge in just 31 minutes thanks to this technology. The VinFast electric cars’ practicality is increased and downtime is reduced thanks to its rapid charging capacity.

In addition to raising the bar for electric car performance, VinFast puts its customers’ convenience first. They are committed to making owning an electric vehicle as hassle-free as possible, and they have demonstrated this by developing a seamless charging experience both at home and on the road thanks to their cutting edge technology.

  1. Make this happen pls. This would make charging a VF8 as easy as possible. Simply plug&charge. No more initiating charge via app.