VinFast launches the VF 3 – The mini electric car for the mass market

Revolutionizing the Vietnamese market, VinFast proudly introduces the VF 3 on June 8, 2023, a cutting-edge mini electric car. VF 3 is not only the perfect addition for a comprehensive electric vehicle lineup, but also the trenchant statement of VinFast’s determination in the EV market. With its sleek and compact design, the VF 3 delivers unparalleled versatility, catering to diverse lifestyles and environments. Embodied with intelligent features, this eco-friendly marvel empowers individuals from all walks of life with a dynamic and sustainable mobility solution.

As part of VinFast’s commitment to meeting the unique demands of Vietnamese consumers, the VF 3 belongs to the small car segment and is classified as a Mini car. It represents VinFast’s dedication to extensive research and development, aiming to create a vehicle that perfectly aligns with the distinctive characteristics and driving patterns of domestic drivers. 

Unveiling the Distinctive Design of the VF 3: Compact, Sleek, and Stylish 

Measuring approximately 3,114 mm in overall length, the VF 3 showcases a sleek 2-door design, a rear trunk, and spacious interior space that can comfortably accommodate up to five passengers. Its compact yet robust body provides ample ground clearance and is complemented by eye-catching 16-inch wheels. The VF 3’s exterior design is characterized by bold geometric blocks and fluid lines that seamlessly flow from the front to the back, creating an aesthetically pleasing and attention-grabbing appearance. 

Experience Intelligent Features and Customization Options Inside the VF 3 

Notably, the square headlights and rearview mirrors, along with the stylized V-shaped bird logo prominently displayed on the front and rear bumpers, establish a cohesive design language, enhancing the overall dynamic visual appeal of the car. To cater to diverse consumer preferences, the VinFast VF 3 offers a range of captivating color options, allowing owners to personalize their vehicles and truly make them their own. Inside the car, the emphasis is on minimalist design, optimizing space for five occupants while integrating essential smart features to ensure a comfortable and convenient user experience. 

Igniting Powerful Performance: The Advanced Electric Motor and Battery System 

The VF 3 is equipped with an advanced electric motor and battery system that delivers an impressive travel distance, specifically tailored to the needs and daily usage patterns of Vietnamese drivers. VinFast plans to start accepting VF 3 orders in September 2023, with deliveries scheduled for the third quarter of 2024. This timeline ensures that customers can look forward to experiencing VF 3’s remarkable performance and efficiency in the near future. 

Embracing a Greener Future: VF 3’s Potential as the New “National Vehicle” of Vietnam 

VinFast offers VF 3 in two attractive trims: Eco and Plus. These trims are designed to appeal to the masses, offering accessibility in terms of pricing while providing a safe, convenient, and smart transportation solution for everyone. The VF 3’s outstanding advantages, including zero emissions, noise-free operation, environmental friendliness, and adherence to stringent safety standards, position it as a vehicle with the potential to become the new “national vehicle” of Vietnam. It not only fulfills the “car dreams” of millions of families across the country but also serves as a catalyst for the widespread adoption of electric cars, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. 

VinFast’s Commitment to Diversity: A Comprehensive Electric Vehicle Lineup 

The launch of the VF 3 further solidifies VinFast’s position as a leading electric car company with the most diverse product range in the global EV market. In addition to the VF 3, VinFast offers six other electric car models across various segments, ranging from A to E. This impressive lineup includes the VF 5 Plus, VF e34, VF 6, VF 7, VF 8, and VF 9, catering to a wide range of customer preferences and driving needs. With this comprehensive range of electric vehicles, VinFast continues to redefine the automotive industry, showcasing its commitment to innovation and sustainable mobility. 

VinFast’s unwavering dedication to shaping the future of electric mobility is exemplified by VF 3. As the company continues to push boundaries and expand its product range, it invites customers and enthusiasts alike to join the electric revolution. Together, let us embrace the future of sustainable transportation and drive towards a greener and more connected tomorrow.