VinFast Announces VF 6 And VF 7 All-Electric Crossover Specs 

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 5, 2023 – At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2023), VinFast announced the specifications of its newest all-electric crossover models, the VF 6 and VF 7. Early reservations for both vehicles will begin in March 2023. These two models are in B and C segments respectively in VinFast’s full range of high-quality electric vehicles introduced last year. 

The VF 6 and VF 7 have stylish, sophisticated designs, crafted by VinFast and world-famous car designer, Torino Design. Both models will be available with Eco and Plus versions. 

The VF 6 is an all-electric vehicle positioned in the small crossover segment, with a maximum range on a full charge of 248 miles (WLTP target) for the Eco version, 174 horsepower and 184 lb-ft torque. The Plus version has a maximum range on a full charge of 237 miles (WLTP target), 201 horsepower and 228 lb-ft torque. In-car entertainment applications will be displayed on a 12.9-inch touch screen. 

The VF 7 is slightly larger than the VF 6 and has a maximum range on a full charge of 280 miles (WLTP target) for the Eco version, with power checking in at 201 horsepower at 228 lb-ft of torque. The Plus version with its standard 2-motor AWD system has a maximum range of 268 miles (WLTP target) and provides a peppy 348 horsepower with 368 lb-ft of torque. The VF 7 Eco will also be equipped with a 12.9-inch touch screen while the Plus will increase to 15.0-inch. 

Both models will be equipped with Level 2 ADAS features for all Eco and Plus versions and modern technology features such as virtual assistant, mobile application – C-app, etc. creating an exhilarating experience for every journey. 

VF 6 Eco

VF 6 Plus

VF 7 Eco

VF 7 Plus


107.5 inches / 2,730.0 mm

111.8 inches / 2840.0 mm

Overall dimension (LxWxH)

166.9 x 71.7 x 62.8 inches
4,238 x 1,820 x 1,594 mm

178.9 x 74.4 x 64.4 inches
4,545 x 1,890 x 1,635.75 mm

Battery capacity available

59.6 kWh

59.6 kWh

75.3 kWh

75.3 kWh

Range per full charge (WLTP target)

399 km / 248 miles

381 km / 237 miles

450 km / 280 miles

431 km / 268 miles

Power (max)

174 hp / 130 kW

201 hp / 150 kW

201 hp / 150 kW

348 hp / 260 kW

Torque (max)

184 lb-ft / 250 Nm

228 lb-ft / 310 Nm

228 lb-ft / 310 Nm

368 lb-ft / 500 Nm






Wheel size

17 inches

19 inches

19 inches

20 inches
Option: 21 inches

Infotainment Screen

12.9 inches

12.9 inches

12.9 inches

15.6 inches

ADAS features Highway assist (Level 2), Lane centering assist,
Adaptive cruise control, Emergency lane keep assist


Madam Le Thi Thu Thuy, Vingroup Vice Chairwoman and CEO of VinFast Holdings said: “VinFast always strives to bring diverse vehicle options to meet the demands of most customers, while pushing the transition from ICE to all-electric vehicles. VinFast’s VF 6 and VF 7 are models that combine the elements of style, modern technology and outstanding technology in an efficient and fun package. I believe that these models will resonate well with young customers who are passionate about technology and exhilarating driving experiences.”

Since announcing its pure electric strategy less than twelve months ago at CES 2022, VinFast has introduced design details and specifications for four electric vehicle models in the most popular crossover and SUV segments in America. This month, the VF 8 City Edition was also delivered to customers in the US following the September distribution to owners in Vietnam. 

In addition to the four passenger vehicle models and four e-bike variants in the VinFast CES show stand, visitors can also test drive the VF 8, take advantage of the VinFast Chauffeur service running between the Bellagio and the Las Vegas Convention Center, and experience an immersive journey detailing VinFast’s rise to prominence in the automotive landscape. 

VinFast’s ecosystem of products demonstrates its strong commitment to a greener and more sustainable future by bringing high-quality products, reasonable prices, and smart services to global consumers.

* Maximum ranges are targeted based on WLTP standards. The official EPA ranges will be announced when available.

About VinFast

VinFast—a member of Vingroup—envisioned to drive the movement of global smart electric vehicle revolution. Established in 2017, VinFast owns a state-of-the-art automotive manufacturing complex with globally leading scalability that boasts up to 90% automation in Hai Phong, Vietnam.

Strongly committed to the mission for a sustainable future for everyone, VinFast constantly innovates to bring high-quality products, advanced smart services, seamless customer experiences, and pricing strategy for all to inspire global customers to jointly create a future of smart mobility and a sustainable planet. 

About Vingroup

Established in 1993, Vingroup is one of the leading private conglomerates in the region and currently focuses on three main areas: Technology and Industry, Services and Social Enterprise. 

About Torino Design

Torino Design is a leading private, independent and Italian Design House established in 2005 by Roberto Piatti, a team made of reputation and vision for a future mobility that is more than cars, a commitment to people and sustainability.

  1. Love the cars, but I’m confused about the strategy with the lineup. It seems like the VF6/7/8 are very similar, and I’m not sure if 4 inches here or there is worth the high cost of supporting additional models. (Designing and paying for different production lines, parts, marketing, government testing, etc.) It’s not like other manufacturers (Telsa for example) where the lineup clearly targets different demographics. I would have liked to have seen a true sports car, or luxury sedan added instead of 2 more smaller SUV’s. Also hoping that working on these other lines doesn’t delay the models already presold. That being said, kudos to Vinfast for continuing to innovate.