Los Angeles, California, June 14, 2023 – VinFast announces the launch of the “Special Aftersales Policy”, a limited-time aftersales program that will apply globally to VinFast car customers. Effective June 15, 2023, until updated by VinFast, VinFast customers may be eligible for a service voucher or cash if they encounter vehicle issues.

Striving for outstanding aftersales service, VinFast is introducing a unique aftersales policy in addition to its existing services to enhance its customers’ ownership journey.

VinFast strives to promptly address all vehicle issues and provide customers with direct support including service vouchers or cash based on the issue. Specifically, these issues are classified into the following Types:

  • Type 1 issues cause inconvenience(s) that do not impact the use of the vehicle. Eligible customers will receive USD 100 for each Type 1 issue they experience.
  • Type 2 issues render a vehicle inoperable. In addition to providing roadside assistance, VinFast will provide eligible customers with USD 300 for each Type 2 issue they experience.
  • Type 3 issues require a repair time of more than three days. From the fourth day onward, eligible customers will receive USD 100 for each additional day that their vehicle is being serviced by VinFast.

* The above-mentioned supports are applied to the U.S market.

If Type 1 and 2 issues occur simultaneously, support will cover both Types. If a Type 3 issue were also to occur, eligible customers would also be entitled to Type 3 support.

Types of issues will be determined by VinFast upon its verification of the issue. The support will be available in the form of aftersales service vouchers or cash (via bank transfer or check), subject to applicable taxes.

The Special Aftersales Policy does not extend to issues related to 1) hardware upgrades or scheduled software updates; 2) accidents; 3) vehicle damage caused by customer; 4) the vehicle not being used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions; or 5) issues that are not reproducible by VinFast. Additionally, Type 3 support will not be provided for any period in which the customer fails to collect their vehicle after VinFast notification that service is complete.

The Special Aftersales Policy is effective for a limited time and operates separately from VinFast’s warranty policy. This policy starts on June 15, 2023, in the U.S., Canadian, and Vietnamese markets. The policy will begin in European markets when VinFast officially delivers cars to its customers. Any updates related to this policy will be published on VinFast’s website and will be applied after 07 days from the date of the announcement.

The Special Aftersales Policy affirms VinFast’s dedication to a customer-centric philosophy. It represents the company’s bold dedication to its customers and its commitment to providing them with “Premium Quality – Inclusive Pricing – Outstanding Aftersales.”