Luxury Comes Standard with VinFast: 3 Features VinFast Offers that Other Brands Charge You For

80% of Americans weigh costs before making a car purchase, and it’s no secret that unstated expenses may quickly transform a great offer into a financial nightmare. These hidden costs, which range from costly add-ons to unforeseen maintenance costs, can shock and strain the finances of prospective automobile owners. On the other hand, VinFast, has adopted a novel strategy in the field of automotive excellence by providing a number of standard luxury amenities in its high-end electric SUVs.

VinFast offers an extensive range of features and services in their electric SUVs, which are rated for 264 miles and have access to 90% of the charging station network. This guarantees hassle-free ownership and a premium driving experience without the extra fees usually associated with luxury brands. With VinFast, you really get what you see.

Le Thi Thu Thuy, the CEO of VinFast Global, highlighted three premium features that come standard on all VinFast vehicles and are available at no extra cost when talking about the aspects that set VinFast apart from rivals.

ADAS Incorporated

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is one noteworthy development that has garnered a lot of popularity as technology continues to alter the automotive industry. With its potential to improve driving comfort, safety, and overall driving experience, ADAS has revolutionized the way that modern cars are made.

By integrating ADAS as a standard feature in a variety of automobiles, including some ADAS level 2 features like highway and traffic jam assistance, which competitors frequently charge for, VinFast prioritizes the safety and convenience of its consumers. This cutting-edge technology offers an additional degree of security and support on the road, along with peace of mind for drivers.

According to Madam Thuy, “We at VinFast think that luxury and safety can coexist. For this reason, all of our cars come equipped with ADAS, ensuring a safer and more comfortable ride.”

Exceptional Exterior and Interior Design

The importance of both exterior and interior design in selecting a car cannot be emphasized. A car’s design reflects the personality, functionality, and entire experience of the vehicle, going beyond just appearances.

VinFast’s cars are a real representation of exquisite craftsmanship and design. They have exterior styling that was influenced by the renowned Italian design studio Pininfarina and are aerodynamically designed for maximum performance. Although most of the industry’s competitors charge for comparable design improvements, such as a panoramic sunroof for the Plus trim mode and extended ambient lighting options that drivers can control and customize with voice command via Voice Assistant, these features come standard in a VinFast.

VinFast automobiles are offered in eight different color combinations and feature dynamic curves, svelte lines, and exquisitely constructed interiors that prioritize comfort and functionality while delivering an extraordinary level of luxury.

Le Thi Thu Thuy explains further, saying, “To guarantee an exceptional and visually pleasant driving experience, we devote rigorous attention to every detail, both in the exterior and interior. We take great pride in our design concept, which blends comfort, quality, elegance, and technology to make sure our electric SUVs satisfy our customers’ needs in a fashionable manner.”

Superior Upkeep and Assistance

In order to give its clients with a worry-free ownership experience, VinFast goes above and beyond to provide great maintenance and support. This includes a guarantee that is 10 years or 125,000 miles long, which is longer than the industry standard, which is typically up to 8 years or 100,000 miles. While premium add-ons can make a conventional electric vehicle pricey, VinFast raises the bar for these features. The company’s all-inclusive after-sale service program, which offers 24/7 flexible maintenance, rescue, and repair services, further distinguishes them.

“We believe that exceptional luxury extends beyond the initial purchase,” says Le Thi Thu Thuy. That’s why we provide flexible maintenance options and round-the-clock support. Our dedication to ensuring client happiness is demonstrated by the extensive assistance we offer, which keeps clients happy at every step of their ownership journey.”

From complimentary ADAS and exceptional warranty and service coverage to outstanding design, VinFast continues to redefine the standard of luxury for electric SUVs.