VinFast VF 9 Garnering Positive Reviews at Electrify Expo

Dear VinFast enthusiastic community, we are proud to announce that VinFast once again made its mark at the international EV summit – the Electrify Expo, opening new possibilities for everyone to access smart, safe, and environmentally friendly EVs. It’s a huge honor for us to receive many positive reviews from the event’s audience for our products, especially the VinFast VF 9. Let’s check out what people liked about VinFast’s biggest vehicle:


“I like the style,” “I like the shape and style,” and “Yeah, the style was impressive when we saw the VinFast on the freeway” were some of the comments people made about the exterior design of the VinFast VF 9. The design of VinFast cars, including the VF 9, is praised for its beauty and resemblance to iconic brands like Ferrari.

Feel the design in the video by Vanculture here:


The high-quality leather, vented and heated seats, and spacious interior make the vehicle look cozy and luxurious. “The second row is really spacious,” and “You could probably camp in that thing” are some of the comments people made about the VF 9’s interior.

David Nguyen enjoying the VF 9 interior design. 



With a power of 402hp, the VF 9 offers users an unexpected driving experience they have never had with gasoline cars. They are genuinely surprised by the vehicle’s acceleration.

Some people who test drove the car at the event shared their experiences with David Nguyen, which can be found here:


The VF 9 boasts numerous features that people wouldn’t expect in its price segment, including a 15.6-inch entertainment screen, panorama sunroof, virtual assistant, full-color head-up display, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto compatibility.

In addition to some short videos on Instagram, there is a longer version available on the Kim Java Youtube channel that covers both the VF 8, VF 9, and VinFast in general, along with some outstanding offers for customers. You can check it out here: My Brutally Honest VinFast VF8 Review!

Which features of the VF 9 excite you the most? Comment here to share with us!