11,896 Miles – 45 Days – 31 States Journey Around America on the VF 8 with Bau Thinh Vlog’s

“Certainly no electric car from any major car company has done this. Hopefully it will be recorded in the Guinness Book” – Mr. Thinh affirmed when talking about the journey around America on his VF 8.

As the first VinFast user to explore around the United States, Mr. Thinh departed from California with the VinFast VF 8 electric car on October 15, 2023. Accompanying Mr. Thinh are many friends who are members of the VinFast Community in the US, notably Mr. Lam, Ms. Chi,… This is a trip that Mr. Thinh himself planned and prepared everything from mentally to physically. This trip is not only a challenge that Mr. Thinh set for himself but also a test that he brought to VinFast.  

The journey starts from Orange County – California from October 15, 2023 to Miami – Florida, going back to New York. Then move all the way to BC and Ontario – Canada, then cross the northern US states to Seattle – Washington and finally follow the West coast back to California on November 29, 2023.

“To put it briefly, the total journey is about more than 9,000 miles (about 15,000km). Nearly 10 times more than the Hanoi – Saigon route. America is a large country, the 3rd largest in area in the world, especially the United States. The state of California is 1.35 times larger than Vietnam, so this is really a long journey and I also want to challenge myself with the Vinfast VF 8 car – A Vietnamese car brand to conquer the roads on American soil with all kinds of terrain: plains, deserts, hills and maybe even snow” , Mr.Thinh said.

  • Total journey: 11,896 Miles
  • Visit 31 States of America & 2 States of Canada

When looking at the impressive figure above, no one would have thought that Mr. Thinh completed it on the VF 8 electric car of the Vietnamese car brand.

“The car runs stably, doesn’t have to change oil or maintain like a gasoline car. Runs non-stop every day, more than 500 miles a day, no police fines, the car reaches its destination without a scratch. The trip also proves that the quality of the Vietnamese-made Vinfast car is no less than any other car from other major brands in the world”, Mr.Thinh shared.

And with experience and meticulousness in planning the entire trip, Mr. Thinh and his companions – Mr. Lam & Ms. Chi had no problems finding electric car charging points in the VinFast network along the route.

It can be said that Mr. Thinh’s journey around America would not be complete without the companionship of his family, friends and even strangers throughout the journey. The stories recorded by him and his friends always carry great meaning.

It could be the story of an American couple who were surprised by Vietnam’s technological development when they were able to bring their own car brand to America. Or the story of a veteran who broke down emotionally when sharing with new Vietnamese friends about his time in Vietnam. Each little story built up an inspiring journey when strangers suddenly became familiar and connected thanks to the words Vietnam.

It can be said that Mr. Thinh is a typical example of a person who is truly VinFast enthusiatist. His trip made a great contribution to VinFast in verifying the quality of the products VinFast is serving to customers. VinFast would like to thank Mr. Thinh for giving this challenge to the VF 8. Up to now, VinFast can strongly affirm that VF 8 is capable of accompanying you on all trips, in all terrains of the United States.

Let’s take a look at this entire wonderful journey through the photos he and his friends saved.