Travel around America on the VinFast VF8 with Bau Thinh Vlog

VinFast was very happy to see Mr. Thinh’s sharing about the VF8 car during his trip around the United States. Let’s follow Mr. Thinh with VinFast to see every route around America on the VF8!

VQNM #1: Prepared for a journey around the United States 1

Start the journey with a day of “Installing license plates, trying out the rooftop tent with Mr. Andrew Le at Trung Nguyen cafe” with Mr. Thinh and close friends

VQNM #2: Prepared for a journey around the United States 2

Let’s follow Mr. Thinh on the VF8 to go shopping for necessary items for this long journey. If you are also planning a long-term vacation with family or friends on a VinFast car, you can refer to Mr. Thinh’s shares.

VQNM #3: From Orange County to Bishop

The Journey Around America officially begins from episode 3. Mr. Thinh and his family and friends will start the journey in Orange County – California. A wonderful journey is waiting ahead.

VQNM #4: The American veteran was surprised to see the VinFast car

Little stories on the journey to discover new lands always bring wonderful emotions. And in the first miles of the journey, Mr. Thinh had a surprising encounter with the couple of an American veteran. He and his wife could not hide their excitement and surprise when they saw a Vietnamese electric car in America. Let’s explore this interesting meeting!

VQNM #5: Stay overnight at Reststops

When choosing to travel for a long time in a car, the experience of sleeping overnight in the car is an extremely enjoyable experience. Let’s explore with VinFast what a night with Mr. Thinh and his family and friends on a trip around America would be like!

VQNM #6: Let’s explore Lake Tahoe

A new day begins, and let’s explore Lake Tahoe with Mr. Thinh – a 2 million year old lake. This is one of the most beautiful and impressive natural sites in the United States. With more than 2 million years of history, this lake has great natural beauty, with clear blue water and beautiful beaches.

VQNM #7: What Americans share about the first time they saw the VF8 car!

As a new electric car brand in the world in general and the US in particular, VinFast is easy to attract attention because of its novelty. Let’s spend a day with Mr. Thinh eating Hanoi pho in the US and listen to what Americans share about the first time they saw the VF8 car!

VQNM #8: Updating about the trip

After going through 7 episodes of VQNM, let’s listen to some of Mr. Thinh’s comments about the VF8 car after going through 7 episodes.

VQNM #9: Eureka City – a City of Natural Beauty and Ancient Architecture

The next stop on the journey around America is Eureka City – a City of Natural Beauty combined with Ancient Architecture. Located on the northwest coast of California, Eureka is known for its natural beauty, historical heritage, and vibrant ocean life. Let’s find out what Mr. Thinh and his companions discovered in this land!

VQNM #10: Meet the American veteran and his feelings about the Vietnam War

Each new journey brings an opportunity for us to meet and make new friends. And the new friend in episode 10 of the journey is a very special person – an American veteran. This man burst into tears in front of his new Vietnamese friends when remembering the war in Vietnam. It’s wonderful that as the day passes, Mr. Thinh and his friends have another meaningful story.

VQNM #11: Updating about the trip

At the Coosbay – Oregon stop, Mr. Thinh updated some important information about the VF8 as well as his journey.

What a wonderful journey! VinFast will constantly update the latest information about the trip of Mr. Thinh and his friends. Let’s share our memories at VinFast with Mr. Thinh in the comment section of this article. And don’t forget to share the wonderful moments of you and your family with VF8 in the Photo Contest: Embrace your Eternal Values with VinFast.