RECAP: VinFast US Community Coffee Talk – VinFast Listing Ceremony

On August 15, 2023, the VinFast US community had great moments together witnessing the moment VinFast – the first Vietnamese brand successfully listed on the US stock exchange with the trading code VFS.

The Livestream was attended by many Vietnamese from New York, Southern California and Northern California. The program is hosted by Mr. Nam – Channel SuperNam, Anh Lan & Anh Andrew Le – Channel Pho Bolsa TV, Anh Hoang – Kênh Anh áo rách, Anh Lucas,… Along with more than 12.000 viewers, the guests shared their feelings about VinFast as well as this special event.

Bustling atmosphere when New York bridgehead shared pictures outside Times Square

From New York, the sound of the zither echoed in Times Square, surprising all the guests in the livestream. The beauty of Vietnamese culture, the perfection of VinFast’s technology, and the magnificent space of Time Square have made the opening of the livestream more meaningful than ever.

Performance of zither and violin outside Times Square

One of the indispensable procedures when companies are officially listed on Nasdaq is the bell ringing ceremony. Nasdaq representative Bob McCooey shared: “On such an important and wonderful day as today, we would like to welcome VinFast into the family of Nasdaq. Nasdaq is honored to accompany you in this listing ceremony. Today, in Times Square, let’s celebrate the partnership of the two companies together.”

Madame Le Thi Thu Thuy, CEO of VinFast Global and Mr. Bob McCooey from Nasdaq

Madame Le Thi Thu Thuy, CEO of VinFast Global said: “The successful listing of VinFast will create a solid foundation for the goal of universalizing smart, safe and environmentally friendly electric vehicles to a large number of consumers and fulfill our commitment to revolutionizing sustainable mobility on a global scale. In addition, the event also opened up access to the world’s largest capital market and an important direction for the company’s future development. We hope VinFast’s story will inspire and open up many opportunities for Vietnamese brands to go out to the world.”

The moment of ringing the bell to officially list VFS on Nasdaq

Mr. Nam expressed: “I am really happy and proud because today is really a very important day for the development of Vietnam when VinFast becomes a leading brand of Vietnam in US. The first brand to come to the US and officially listed on the stock exchange. I really hope VinFast will achieve much success. I know the road in the future will be very difficult, but I believe in the path that VinFast is going.” .

Mr. Hoang also has very personal feelings when witnessing this moment with the community: “First of all, I feel happy. Because this is the first time Vietnam has a billion-dollar brand. When seeing a event in New York right now, I felt very happy, the atmosphere was very vibrant. This is also the first time I saw a picture of a very unique Green VF9.”

The guests interacted after the celebration

Sharing the meaning of this event, Mr. Andrew said: “This is a milestone when a brand transcends the culture and territory of Vietnam and Southeast Asia.”

At the event, the Nasdaq representative confirmed that VinFast has become a member of their “Family”. Mr. Andrew Le commented: “The word family that the Nasdaq representative talked about shows that they are no longer people who come together to understand each other but have stepped into a supportive relationship. And this relationship has brought a brand beyond the culture and borders of Vietnam. Instead of you being a foreign country in Southeast Asia, you are now standing with us at the US market to start your business plan. Your success is my joy and the word “Family” in the stock market also means whatever support you need, we will. And if you have a problem, let us know and we’ll fix it together.”

Mr. Andrew shares his feelings after the ceremony

According to Mr Lan – Bolsa TV Channel, the fact that the Nasdaq representative called VinFast a family also confirmed that VinFast is no longer a mere foreign company, but instead a company with close connections with organizations and financial institutions of the United States, which here is Nasdaq.

As one of two VIP guests to directly witness the moment of ringing the bell in Nasdaq hall, Mr. Chieu Le also shared his feelings to all members of the community: “This is really an event. Everyone was very excited when Nasdaq officially listed VinFast on the stock exchange.”

Mr. Lap Phan could not hide his excitement: “Very happy. This is joy for both the Vietnamese community and the VinFast community. The moment of ringing the bell is the most touching moment today.”

In addition to the feelings about the event, the guests also shared more about their personal experiences with VinFast cars. Mr. Thanh Chuong shared: “When I heard about VinFast manufacturing electric cars, I was very surprised and since then I have been following information about its cars a lot, then I found that VinFast has succeeded in doing that. It is my son who is using a VinFast car and he also has to say that “The car is running smoothly, Dad””.

Mr. Thah Chuong, Ms. Quyen shared their feeling to the community

Ms. Quyen commented that: “I find that the problem of petrol is very difficult nowadays, so people are using electric cars a lot. Vinfast has a very nice design, my friends sign up for VinFast a lot. Sometimes I sit and drink coffee but I don’t know how to use it. a lot of people have to stop and ask what car brand and where to buy it, what is the price. I believe that in the near future, Vinfast will improve more and more in terms of quality.”

The listing event ended with the joy and excitement of each member of the VinFast US community. And certainly, in the future, on each development journey of VinFast in the US, the VinFast US community will grow stronger and more dynamic. Thank you for the companionship of guests and Vietnamese community in US in this livestream. Goodbye and see you again.