California’s investments in the climate 

In addressing the climate catastrophe, California has taken the lead under Governor Gavin Newsom. 

The state of California is most affected by climate change. California has had catastrophic wildfires, heat waves that broke records, and severe droughts. The costs of inaction on climate change are too high. The cost of extreme weather events to US taxpayers in 2022 alone was $165 billion. 

California is eschewing fossil fuels in a big way. By 2035, we will have reduced our reliance on oil by ceasing to sell new gas-powered vehicles. A measure to gradually stop the manufacturing of hazardous oil in our communities was signed by Governor Newsom. 

The extraordinary, multibillion-dollar climate budget that Governor Newsom proposed includes: 

  • Addresses the problems of wildfires and drought 
  • Aids in communities’ weather adaptation 
  • Supports the state’s objectives for zero-emission vehicles 
  • Provides energy that is inexpensive, dependable, and clean. 
  • Saves money for Californians and builds thriving communities 

These innovative global climate policies are having an impact. 

  • The majority of clean energy jobs in the US are located in California. 
  • The clean car and renewable energy sectors are driving the country’s growth. 
  • California surpassed its 2020 climate target six years early. 
  • California produced six times as many clean jobs as ones involving fossil fuels. 
  • California’s emphasis on innovation has made electric automobiles the state’s top export. 
  • They participate in international and national climate partnerships. 
  • Environmental justice is also being advanced by Governor Newsom. This entails shielding Californians from dangerous pollution and enhancing climate resilience in underprivileged areas. 

Source: California Climate Action