VinFast Is First All-Electric Carmaker To Integrate What3words

VinFast has announced the integration of innovative global addressing technology what3words into its full lineup of electric vehicles (EVs). Testament to their market leading approach to innovation, VinFast is the first all-electric carmaker to integrate what3words into their systems.

what3words is a simple and effective location technology that can identify any location around the globe and is capable of operating in offline conditions. The system divides the planet into a grid of 10ft x 10ft (3m x 3m) squares and labels each square with a unique combination of three random words—known as a what3words address. 

Users need only open the what3words app to find their current location on the map and the data processing system will automatically convert those coordinates into 3 words in their mother tongue that are easy to pronounce and memorize.

With what3words geolocation technology, users can drive with peace of mind knowing exactly where they are going—whether it is a charging station, a pop-up coffee shop or the ideal sightseeing point for a picnic.

what3words addresses are now being added to contact pages, e-commerce checkouts, travel guides and booking confirmations around the world, which saves costs, delivers operational efficiency, and provides a better customer experience for businesses. Additionally their free app is used by millions of people and is available  for iOS and Android..

Chris Sheldrick, CEO and Co-founder of what3words, revealed that “It can be a frustrating experience putting an address into a navigation system. Even if you have a building number, address and postal code, you can still be left driving around trying to work out exactly where the entrance is. Now, when a VinFast driver enters a what3words address, they can be confident that the location is accurate to 10ft, every time.” 

Le Thi Thu Thuy, Vice Chair of Vingroup and Global CEO of VinFast adds, “VinFast makes the most advanced technology and high-standard designs convenient and accessible. what3words is exactly the type of partner we strive to integrate with—cutting edge, innovative and providing an answer to a very real problem.”

what3words technology is being planned to be applied on all VinFast’s electric car models. VinFast are committed to equipping their vehicles with state-of-the-art technology. Throughout CES 2022 they have showcased several new smart features developed by VinFast engineers and leading brands in the vehicle-technology industry.

What3words Technology Advantages 

VinFast’s collaboration with What3words has produced numerous benefits. This shows that VinFast is committed to providing peace of mind and enjoyment on every journey—for its customers.

  • What3words optimizes voice search for more than 50 different languages. Drivers can enter a what3words address through voice or text to look up the exact location of any destination they want to reach.
  • The What3words application allows you to easily locate any destination by converting coordinates into easy-to-memorize three-word addresses.
  • What3words geolocation technology enables users to navigate with greater certainty, knowing their precise location at all times. This is an effective application for voice-controlled devices and driverless cars—ways of travel that rely on accurate spatial awareness
  • What3words addresses are now being added to websites around the world, which saves costs and provides a better driving experience.
  • What3words can be accessed via a free app for iOS and Android, as well as a web interface.

What3words’ is convenient enough that it will be widely used by global automakers in the future. In particular, What3words technology—which helps cars to improve efficiency—is leading the way.