Financial POV from Vietnam Investment Review: VinFast’s Ambitious Journey in the Electric Vehicle Industry

After highlighting the user experiences of VF 8 owners and car reviewers, it’s time to shift our focus to the realm of finance. Join us as we explore an article from Vietnam Investment Review. 


Marc Iyeki, former head of Asia-Pacific Listings at the New York Stock Exchange, gave VIR’s Luu Huong his insight on the ambitious overseas listing. Full article here: 


VinFast’s decision to list in the US with a valuation of $23 billion showcases our firm commitment to becoming a significant player in the fast-paced electric vehicle (EV) industry. The outcome of the planned merger with Black Spade Acquisition, a special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC), is contingent upon receiving validation from the public market. 

VinFast EVs made their debut in the US market in 2021.

The valuation of VinFast is closely linked to various factors, including the successful launch of its new electric vehicle model, the VF 8, in the US market. Although VinFast may lack support from global institutional investors, we have received substantial financial backing from our parent company, Vingroup, which provides resources for growth and support in technology and marketing.

VinFast is a significant member of the Vingroup Ecosystem, a Vietnamese corporate conglomerate. 

Profitability poses a challenge in the competitive electric vehicle (EV) industry, and VinFast aims to achieve it by 2025. Our expansion strategy relies on making a strong impact in key global markets, such as North America and Europe, while also defending our position in our home market. Regulatory and policy changes have the potential to affect VinFast’s expansion plans, but we have secured incentives and collaborations to mitigate risks and qualify for rebates.

VinFast showroom in California.

VinFast’s journey into the EV industry is in its early stages, and our success hinges on delivering outstanding products, adapting to market dynamics, and establishing a strong international presence. With the support of Vingroup and a highly experienced management team, VinFast aims to become a prominent player in the global EV market. By prioritizing performance, safety, design, and pricing, VinFast strives to be a formidable competitor in the industry. 
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