EV Trends to Look out for in 2023

The exciting pace of Electric Vehicle (EV) technology is just part of the buzz and energy surrounding the segment. With even more cars entering the market, there are so many storylines to watch. Here are four emerging EV trends you can expect to see in 2023. 

Battery Subscription Programs 

Batteries are a major component of any electric vehicle. They’re also the biggest and most difficult to dispose of at the end of their life. VinFast aims to make battery maintenance and replacement a non-issue for EV drivers with its innovative subscription program. This program allows you to pay monthly for the use of your battery, which will be replaced as soon as it drops to 70% of its original capacity for holding a charge. 

Increasing Demand Due to High Gas Prices 

Fuel prices continue to rise, putting the pinch on drivers with conventional internal combustion engines (ICE). This will push demand for EVs, especially as range and charging speeds continue to improve. 

A Focus on Recycling 

We’re already seeing more and more drivers asking about the end-of-life for batteries, and what that might mean for the environment. Rapid development in battery recycling technology, including the VinFast investment in Li-Cycle’s Spoke and Hub system, will continue to make battery disposal more efficient and clean. 

Solid-State Batteries Are Getting Closer 

Solid-state batteries are the next frontier for EV batteries. They offer lower weight, faster charging times, higher capacity, and better safety over current lithium-ion systems. VinFast has partnered with ProLogium to develop solid-state technology further, and you can expect to see it in VinFast vehicles within the next one-to-two years. 

The Future Is Here

Drive by VinFast to learn more about our role in the future of electric mobility in Canada, and our commitment to greener, cleaner vehicles for our roads. 

What trends are you most excited about for 2023? Let us know your thoughts on electric mobility’s next challenge in the comments below.